Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! If it's not yours, somebody is having a birthday today. : )

 I love cards that are easy to make, but don't necessarily look too simple. I prepared the components of this card at different times.  so today, making 6 cards took just a few minutes.
This is actually a variation of the card I posted last week. What makes this so simple to make is the front of the card was made with one big stamp designed to fill up the space. The red cards are white inside (Hero Arts) so it was all done with one layer.  During one of my coloring therapy sessions, I colored a bunch of this floral image (Darcies) with Prismacolors a while back.  I punched them out with a circle punch, then applied glue and Flower Soft on another day.  This project was perfect for the person with a short attention span!! LOL All I did today was use the die cutter to cut a circle from the front and adhered that same circle inside the card and glued the floral circle on that.

Now I have several Birthday cards ready to go. I'm going to do a few more cards tonight from images I colored and set aside not knowing what I'm going to do with them. I may even come up with some Mother's day cards by the time I'm done.

On a Personal Note:
I'm still exercising and losing a little weight. My speaking voice is back (somewhat) but I'm still on voice rest.  I can't sing, and that's very depressing...  I'd appreciate your prayers.  My problems are minor compared to what many are going thru.  I have to keep that in mind.
Be blessed! Jacki


loni.sue said...

Kool kard, kiddo. It's good to see you posting now and again. Again. My voice is gone today too! The world might be a better place with our voices temporarily silenced. Then again, maybe Somebody is trying to see how we can be creative without them! Remember: u rock, kiddo.

Krissy said...

This post made me smile since it is my oldest son's 6th birthday today. It is the first year he has really been "into" his birthday - and he had a fantastic day. What a joyful little boy he is and such a blessing! His celebration continues tomorrow with my in-laws. He deserves a celebration everyday! Happy Birthday to my TJ, I love you!