Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

It's about time to update our prayer list.  If you submitted a prayer request last time, pop in and update us.

Please add your request in the comment section.  Please comment to encourage those if you are a prayer warrior.
P.S. If you read this thru a reader or thru a feed or on Facebook, please come to the blog itself to leave comments so that we can keep everything in one place.   Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?


Update on my Grandma: She's at home with a back brace and doing well.  She said her prayer was that they wouldn't do surgery and her prayers were answered. Continue to pray for her and those taking care of her.

My daughter's heart rate has been fluctuating and she's been to the Dr and now to the ER.  Please pray for healing, pray that her cardiologist will be able to help her on Tuesday.

Thanks so much for your continued support....


Anonymous said...

Please pray that God will direct me and supply all the needs for a mission trip this summer. My heart is breaking for the children and orphans and the lost in the world especially those in other countries who have very little hope. I need a word from God as to what He wants me to do and how he can use me to be a vessel poured out for Him.
Shanda Hamer Piercy

baughsinafrica said...

I've been praying for your's the cardiologist appointment...please give wisdom to the Doc's Lord! a clear and accurate diagnosis and peace for Jacki in knowing the Great Physician is the ONE who's really in charge here !....we could use prayer for energy and consistency in our daily time with the is a crazy, busy, exhausting BUT encouraging time for us now and in the months ahead until fall :)

Trena in Naperville said...

I'm praying...

Take care Jacki and STAY POSITIVE!

Rachel said...

Jackie I've been praying for your Grandmother but didn't know that one of the girls has been having issues. I pray peace & wisdom as you search to find out what is going on.

I know your heart is heavy but one of my friends that I've been praying for, needs lots of prayers right now. Her name is Denise and she was just diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She got the news 10 days before her 2 yr anniversary of her first breast cancer diagnosis. Next week she will be seeing her surgeon and oncologist (also my doctors) to get her full path report and treatment plan. Her biggest concern is not her health but her sweet husband. They've only been married a few years and truly love each other. His first wife died of ovarian cancer and he nursed and cared for her. Denise was diagnosed with cancer not long after they'd been married and now he will watch someone he deeply loves suffer for the 3rd time.

Thanks my friend@! I know how valuable prayer is. I couldn't have made it thru my surgeries, chemo, radiation & other health issues during the last 3 years. I will never know the exact number of prayer warriors that were there for me and I consider it an honor to go to our Father now for Denise and Alan.

sharan said...

Please pray for my husband as he faces a huge challenge in a couple weeks, He is an awesome man who does so much for others and contributes so much to his community. s.lee