Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turtle Carver

I think it was Sunday night when I was suddenly attacked with a massive headache. My sure fire remedy for headaches is relaxing.  I don't mean laying in the bed in a dark room relaxing. I color to relax. I know, surprising, right? I went to the computer and printed a sheet of images from a recent digital purchase. (from Hambo)  This cute little turtle sculpting a gigantic heart was the perfect choice to start my coloring, and make me feel like I was accomplishing something ahead of schedule.    I have a coloring tip for you.  This is for coloring any image not just for the manly ones, although I know we are talking about manly images this week.

Even when I'm coloring for therapy, in a card maker's world, there is a possibility that the image will someday grow up to be a card, right? So the smart thing to do-- and yes I learned this the hard way--  is to coordinate your coloring with  paper or card stock that you have on hand.  For me, the easiest thing to do is to grab a paper pad( this one is Basic Grey's Marrakech)  and take it with me to my coloring space.  In general, paper pads like this not only have several prints, but also solid colors.  And speaking from experience, there is nothing worse that completing a coloring masterpiece and then deciding to make a card only to realize that of the 279 different shades of blue card stock you currently have in your craft room, none of them will match your colored image. LOL. Now, that's another free tip I'm giving away. OK ??

So here is my manly Valentine's Day/Love card.  I'm not sure this is manly enough, but Valentine's Day isn't typically a manly holiday is it?

Today, I celebrated 'Jacki Day'.  For the most part, I did what Jacki wanted to do... for the most part. It's been a long while since I had a day like that, and guess what I chose to do? Exercise! Yes, I'm a maniac.  I went to a class in the morning, and walked 3 miles ( or so) in the afternoon. I spent the rest of the day on the phone catching up with a couple of friends.
My daughter was in NYC with her music department until tonight so there was also a trip to the airport tonight.  For some strange reason, I'm still up, but I'm about to change that. : )  I will take pictures on Wednesday of the prizes I have put aside.  I'll add them to the next manly post.

Be blessed tonight and if you don't mind, say a prayer for my grandmother.  She fell today and broke some bones and is going to need surgery tomorrow. She's 98.


Krissy said...

love this card! I will keep your grandmother in my thoughts and prayers!

Sarosa said...

This is so cute!

And an excellent tip ... I just colored something last night (!) and did not check that the cardstock did not quite coordinate. :-/

stampmiser said...

Oh, Jacki, I will say prayer for your Grandmother's successful surgery. Hope she's not in too much pain.
I love the heart slides on this card (and the awesome coloring, of course!).

Juanita B said...

I LOVE this image and you did a wonderful job with the colors, coloring, and thr papers. I think the Marrakech papers are fabulous!

Even though I'm reading this today (1/28) I will keep your grandma in my prayers. God bless you all.