Monday, January 18, 2010

I got a'round' to making a card...

I finished this card last night, but it was too dark to photograph it.  It might interest you to know that I also made a couple more cards of a manly nature.It is turning out to be a very productive weekend, if I may say so myself. Not only did I get some cards made, but I'm doing a major clean out.  I may have mentioned it before, but I am in the home stretch now.  I worked on my craft closet this weekend and now my desk area is getting attention. But I digress, back to the card... 

You probably think I work for Hambo Stamps or something with all the cards I've posted using their images over the years, (smile) but no, I'm just a big fan. This particular set of images were from the fall releases.  I used the "apple basket" and the "chipmunk" and "feel like a nut".  I stamped and masked the chipmunk and stamped the apple basket so that it appears that he is resting against the basket. I colored in the grass and the sky. The first part of the saying was stamped on vellum and attached to the front of the card with brads. The over all card is a 4 inch circle. I used Nestabilities die cuts to cut the circle for the card and for the front.  After I cut the circle for the front, I cut a folded card, placing the fold just inside of cutting blade so that I would keep the fold in a small section and at the bottom so that the card would stand up.  

This card was a result of a decision I made a while back.  I decided to make more cards to have on hand  in case I needed to send one to a man. 

I was going thru my cards not too long ago looking for a card to write a note to a young man in my family. All the cards that I have here and I couldn't find one that I thought was appropriate. It's apparent that I don't randomly make manly cards-- it is definitely something I have to do deliberately.  So...  I'm challenging myself  to make manly cards this week and I think I'm interested in having a manly card contest. What do you think? Do you have a hard time making manly cards?  What about you fellow card makers? Up for a challenge? How about some prizes? 

Manly Card Contest. Put your thinking caps on and make a card. When you make cards for the different sketch contests etc... this week,  just make it manly.  
Contest Rules
1) Post it online, your blog, your gallery, or send it to me in an email. Please include any tips you have for making manly cards. 

2) I'm giving a small prize to each entrant (while supplies last) So if you want it, you have to send your mailing address to me in an email.  Also include a link to your entry in that email. ( 

3) Let's allow entries until Monday January 25th. 

Manly card #2 and pictures of prizes tomorrow... 


Monica Hunter said...

What a fun card Jacki! I've never tried making a circle card, but yours is so cute, I might have to try it ... someday. :)

Krissy said...

love the card! I, too, have a hard time making masculine cards...this challenge might get me in gear to get a few done. Time to get busy!

Sarosa said...

I posted a manly card because of your post on Gingerwood ... I happened to do it on the same day as this post, so here's my card link:

When I make a manly card, I usually first look for textured cardstock - or wallpaper from expired sample books at Sherwin Williams - often going for a wood like texture, or funky like the one in the card I linked.