Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You're My Lifesaver!

Hello?? Is anybody still out there? I'm sorry, I haven't been updating, I just haven't felt much like it. I did take pictures of 4 cards today and I have a couple more to do, so hopefully I'll have a few posts over the next few days.

This is a birthday/thank you card for someone who has been very supportive to me over the last few weeks. The Lifeguard stand is one of Hambo's new summer images. I thought it very appropriate for the the sentiments I need to express in this case.

I'm doing OK just busy-busy. This was camp week at my house. The Boy went to basketball camp out of state. The Girl is at youth camp. The Other Boy is in a day camp for gifted kids... which by the way starts every morning at 8:30!
I'm trying to do some assignments and projects ahead because I'm going to do some traveling in the next couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to getting my oldest daughter from college and then I'm going to see my momma. We are going to put lots of highway miles on the family van. I'll take many pictures and try to update you as I go. One of my highlights is a planned stop in on one of my favorite stamp companies-- but I'll give you those details later.
Stamps: Lifeguard stand and message (Hambo Stamps), Lines background and sea shell(The Angel Co.), shells ( Biblical Impressions)

Hey, guess what? I found a song called Purple! by Donnie McClurkin. You can hear it on YouTube by clicking >here<

When we praise Heaven responds with open arms...

Just praise through your struggle and through your pain.
Just praise through the storm, yes, through the rain.
Beyond every dark cloud,
Beyond all fear and doubt,
There's a blessing of promise awaiting
In your praise.

Still choosing joy! Jacki Be blessed!! Thanks for checking in...


Becky said...

Yes I am out here :). It sounds like you are busy-busy. This is a lovely card. Take care.

Monica Hunter said...

I love how you've put this card together Jacki! That mesh is a perfect touch -- just like the dune fences on the beach.

I'm glad to hear you're okay, and still planning your marathon trip! Keep in touch! :)

Julie Koerber said...

This card just made me smile! Such a cute little life guard stand!! I love the netting you added and the little sentiment -- darling Miss Jacki! Stay sane! :-)

marciad said...

Been concerned about you. Happy to hear you are busy. Enjoy the long trip.

Joyce across the Pond said...

Glad to see you are back...didn't like to post although I was thinking of you and trusting you were wishes and journeying mercies for the travel.

seamom said...

Hi, Jacki!
I have been out here.... but my computer was at the hospital (PC repair) having a new heart (hard drive) installed. I drove it home last night, and today I am trying to make it mine again. I gotta say though that it is running way faster than before! And, get this. DH was able to reinstall the scanner function on my Epson CX4800 so I am again able to scan my cards! Insufficient light issue gone. Yea!
I like your card! Both cute and very clever.
"CHOOSE JOY". Have you ever thought about having a stamp made? I'll be the first to buy one!

Dawn Bibbs said...

What a cute card! I may have to borry that stamp one day. Oh please, who am I kidding? :-)

Be safe on your trip. Miss ya! Love ya!