Monday, June 1, 2009

Between You and God

Wow, I could say so much about that title, but I don't think I will today. I'll just leave the focus on this card's message.

The moment I saw this stamp used in a card on the smARTworks blog, I knew I needed it. Once I received it, I thought what better advice to give a graduate. This is a relatively simple card for a very complicated young lady with simple taste. :) My friend Beth ( designer of my blog banner and artist extraordinaire) graduated from college a few weeks ago. (wait, are you surprised the card is late? LOL) Actually, this is the second card she's going to receive from me. I mailed a card in time for the actual graduation. I intended to bring another for the graduation party which she shared with her sister, Melissa this past weekend. Melissa is a high school graduate as of Saturday. Both of them are among the most wonderful people I've ever met. Ridiculously smart and hilariously funny! Congratulations, Beth.
Stamps: Mother Theresa Qoute (smARTworks), graduation caps (Biblical Impressions)

And this card is Melissa's. Congratulations Lali!
Stamps: Flourish Borders, and Happy Graduation (Hero Arts)
Gemstones ( Hero Arts) button, and tassel.


Monica Hunter said...

These are both beautiful cards Jacki! I love that verse on the first one -- great advice!

Barb said...

Very pretty cards, Jacki!

I had an award for you on my blog! Check it out....

seamom said...

That IS a great graduation card! And the Mother Teresa quotation is perfect advice for the graduate - or everyone really!

Deb said...

I love both cards, but especially the "between you and God" one! I love Mother Teresa and have read alot of her writings, but I've never seen that quote. I may have to get that stamp even though I'm on a self-imposed spending fast. I've been praying for you and will be sending you a prayer request here soon.