Friday, April 17, 2009

Peacock Happy Birthday

I love this Peacock. I like the way I colored it. I'm not so crazy about this card.
My best friend Julie K sent me some images (that's why she's my best friend) because I got down on my knees and begged her to (OK. Not really, I just sent her a really nice email and begged) :)

I wanted to place an order with Flourishes and I was having a hard time narrowing down my wish list. Julie made it easy for me to buy a different set now. I'll save this one for next time.
I made a card or two with that set too. Maybe tomorrow before my ribbon arrives, I'll take a few minutes to post it.

I made this for a friend with a June birthday. Which reminds me... I have a new system for mailing cards on time. I'll bet all my organized friends have a system. I didn't. Well, not since we've been in this house anyway. It just might help me. LOL.
I'm hopeful as always. Would you believe me if I told you that I asked God to help me? I really want to send cards to people. I've always loved cards because of the joy they bring when they are received. I'm not spreading enough joy lately and I asked Him to help me. I had an epiphany the other day. It happened one day as I walked up and down the steps AGAIN forgetting what I needed before I arrived.
My cards to be mailed and my address book where in my bedroom on the second floor, the envelopes were in the basement, and the stamps were on the main floor. ( DUH??!! No wonder I rarely get anything mailed.)
This was my old system: After I make a card, I put them in a basket. The basket goes with me upstairs so that I can write a nice note when I'm chillin' in my rocking chair. Once I write in a card, I'll remember that I need an envelope. Eventually, I'll need to head all the way back down to the basement. Once there, I'll probably become distracted by some card in process on my desk. The envelopes are in a drawer next to where I stamp, but I won't be thinking about that now. I'm in my creative room, so I'll feel creative. The next thing you know, I'll find myself making a card. After I get to a stopping point, or get stuck, I'll remember something I saw online, so I'll walk across the basement to my computer desk. Of course, there is so much to distract online. I don't even need to mention Facebook, the many blogs I stop in on, this blog, Gingerwood, Papercraft Planet, Twitter, yada, yada,yada. Then my alarm will go off because it's time for the school bus.
Wait, what was I talking about? OK, seriously, it didn't dawn on me that I was sabotaging myself. I've always had things more organized than this. This is the first house we've lived in with a finished basement. When we got settled in this house, things really spread out.

SOOO... to hopefully change this despicable pattern I have a new system. EVERYTHING for mailing cards is now in one place, right next to the computer. I even keep all my finished cards in the area ( instead of in The Card Castle where they used to be). I have some envelopes, postage stamps, mailing labels, return address labels, cards to be mailed in this table top file. I'm going to move all the envelopes to this area also after I make room for them by clearing out a drawer. I'll be selling some of my cards or (gasp) sending them out.
Whew!!! I know you're just shaking your head right now. But God loves me anyway! :)
Just smile and say, "Great job, Jacki"

Stamps: Strut Your Stuff(Flourishes), All Occasions Messages ( Hero Arts)
Paper: Urban Prairie( BasicGrey)
Colored with Prismacolor pencil


Sandy Knecht said...

Great job Jacki! I love your card, anyone would love to get it. I talk to God all the time. The one thing we all forget to do is thank him afterwards. Have a wonderful weekend.

shirl Martin said...

Love, love, love this card. Nice colors, I talk to God all day every day. He is so awesome.

Inkerbelle said...

You're right to love the colouring on the peacock, Jacki. It's gorgeous, as always!

seamom said...

Hi Jacki!
We got home last night (actually early this AM) from a 10 day trip. So I am catching up on my favorite blogs...
What a beautiful card you have created using a unique image. Another enabling? Maybe...
I so relate to your ramblings. Best of all is your often repeated slogan, "Choose Joy!" It has pulled me out of the depths lots of times. THANK YOU!

jacki jones said...

Thanks all. Your comments are such an encouragement. Thanks Mary for mentioning that. I've really had to make joy a deliberate choice in the last couple of days.

seamom said...

It males ALL the difference, especially as we remember the ultimate JOY!

seamom said...

YIKES! A typo on the last post. S/B "MAKES all the difference". gotta be jet-lag.........

Monica-FC said...

I love the peacock card and the image is lovely. what stamp comapny is that from. thanks for showing it. how is your migraines by the way.

Julie Koerber said...

I'm glad you begged!!!! If you didn't, I would never have seen this beautiful creation! Just gaw-geous Miss Jacki!!!!

Your BFF, :-)