Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Color Pencil Class (in real life)

I still don't have a name for my color pencil class. I'm going to Hobby Lobby on Friday to talk too the manager. My former Event coordinator from Michaels is working at HL and evidently has been talking me up so the manager is ready to meet with me. So I need the perfect name for my color pencil class in the next 24 hours. (help??) To refresh your memory of the suggestions already made, click here. Go to the comments of that post.

Sorry about the picture-less post. I haven't taken pictures of any cards that I made last week and this week, I've been doing other things. For one, I almost have my home office re-organized. The moving of the furniture in said office has caused residual pain in my back. Yuck! I've got to remember to get help next time...
Another randomness...
The other boy was at the doctor 2 weeks ago because of a sore throat when an ear infection was discovered. The first antibiotic didn't work because now his ears are bothering him again. We spent 2 hours waiting in the Dr.'s office today. He has a new anti-biotic and I made some new friends. Life is good. Pray that this one will knock out the infection. It took so long and I was in a hurry to get him back to school that I didn't get to the drug store. So I'm headed out now, hoping to get a dose in him before bed.

Now there's a perfect mom. She stops to blog about getting the prescription risking the store closing before she can get there to get it filled before his bedtime...


Cindy H. said...

Good luck with your class, Jacki! You'll be great!! How about:
Coloring Made Easy with Pencils
Colored Pencils, Fun and Easy
Colored Pencils: A New Way To
Colored Pencils: How to achieve
realism with highlights and
(Personally these last two would have appealed to me when I first started coloring because I could color - coloring book style, lol, but everything was flat and had no depth.)

I'm sure you'll remember the one that *got away* as soon as you relax :)

Crystal said...

Wonderful tutorial, Jacki ! I know your class will be great and everyone will enjoy themselves.

Brown English Muffin said...

LOL did you get the prescription???

Colored Pencils 101

Beverly said...

I feel your pain Jacki. Going through the same thing with Evan. Remember to give him plenty of yogurt to eat.

jacki jones said...

yes, Brown English Muffin. I got it just before they closed down.

Not to worry, Beverly, he eats yogurt every day anyway. I hope this one clears it up, because according to him, "it's nasty". He actually likes Amoxicillin.

Lisa said...

Hi again, Jacki! I'm so glad to have found your blog. :) I added it to my Google Reader so I can keep up.

I'm sorry to hear about your son... poor guy. Hope he's feeling better soon!

And good luck with your class - although you don't really need it. ;) I have no suggestions for the name, I'm not too creative with that kind of stuff. But I love the suggestions so far!

Take care,
Lisa Carroll