Friday, March 6, 2009

This One's 4U

This could be you!
(I've edited this contest to add something and extend it one more day. Read the latest details below.)

As I colored the Princess Jacki stamper (see below) I got a brilliant idea to give away a card. Ok, the idea is brilliant in my opinion, you might think it's lame. I stopped at coloring the outfit and the desk and the rest will depend you! If you win this card, I'll finish the coloring to your specifications. ie, you'll choose hair and skin color, floor and walls.
If you'd like to play and would prefer another card, look around and find something else you like and we'll talk. (I'm thinking about the non stamping people who might happen to look in.)
Finally, on this card, I'm using the saying that "goes" with it. You'll notice that other sayings are also useful. Most of the time when narrowing down my order I favor the pictures over the sayings. Then when it's time to make the card, I don't have the saying that I need. This time, however I made sure I had the message too!

To be winner of this card, a stamp trinket, the Stamper's Back stamp (and a few other related goodies) and pronounced the Stamping Queen for the Day, leave a comment on this post. Include a name, a way for me to contact you and your answer to this question.

All restrictions and limitations aside, what do you think is my all time favorite drink? Be as specific as possible. The winner will be the person who comes closest to my favorite. If no one comes close, I'll employ my random number generator to pick a winner. You have until Tuesday morning(March 10th) at 6am est. The only hint I'm going to give you is it's non alcoholic.

Finished card is 5 1/2 square.
Stamps:Dumb Question and Stamper's Back (Hambo Stamps), All Occasion Messages(Hero Arts)
Ink: Versafine Onyx Black
Paper: Basic Grey Urban Prairie
Colored with Prismacolor Pencils
Other: Labels 2 (Nestabilities)

... and now this is my card. I'm going to sit this in my room until I get a chance to make myself another. Do you know why this one isn't good enough and needs to be replaced already? Can't tell? Look hard... It's one of the first ones I colored, before I discovered the perfect little crown in the Hero set. It just wouldn't be Princess Jacki without a crown now would it?

It's embellished with mini cards and a (Hero Arts) stamp trinket. I bought these from a local stamp store several years ago. I confess. I am guilty of hoarding.

This card is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 ".
Stamps: Stamper's Back (Hambo Stamps), Excellence (smARTworks)
All Occasion Messages( Hero Arts)
Stamping Background (Biblical Impressions)
Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, DaVinci Violet and Medici Marble(Fresco Chalk Finish), Barely Banana and So Saffron(SU)
Paper: Cream and purple card stock and white glossy card stock
Colored with Prismacolor Pencils
Diamond and Square Punches

The card was stamped with the Stamping Background in the Saffron ink on a Cream card. The yellow marble piece was done with glossy card stock and Barely Banana dye ink. This favorite old technique of mine is done by applying ink to glossy paper or card stock with a shadow stamp.

The Mini cards were made by folding a piece of purple card stock and then using a square punch, punching out three times on the fold line.


Becky in East Tennessee said...

OMG! These are precious!! TOOOOO CUTE!!!

StampinCathy said...

What a fabulous and fun card. I have to have these stamps. I'm always searching for this kind of theme. What a perfect card to put in your stamping room.
Your favorite drink is Lemonaide.
Thanks for a chance at some goodies and your awesome card.aho
stampincmeyers at yahoo dot com

campbelljudy1228 said...

I really like the card and stamp. I thank your favorite drink, might be Ice Tea. Thanks for a chance to win your cute card. So awesome
and fun!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh boy...I wanna win something! You know I love ALL of your cards!

As far as your favorite drink, I should know this. For some reason, I think we discussed this at breakfast the other day. But I could be wrong. I'm gonna take a walk on the wild side and say your favorite drink is WATER! I'm just playing it safe...aren't most drinks made out of water? LOL

Love ya!

Elaine said...


Your cards just tickled me pink! THey're so cute! I love 'em both...can't wait to see more challenges from GW!! :)

Elaine said...

I forgot to answer...I think you love iced tea!

Anonymous said...

love the card but i think your favorited is rootbeer. cause its mine and we have so many things in common
arneshia aka

nise said...

Cappucino! I hope spelling doesn't count, although I can type "fancy coffee". These cards are so cute! Skated into work today, but the sun is shining now ~ JOY! Hope you are enjoying a restful Monday, Jacki.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacki,
I can't resist playing along! I was gonna say 'ice water' (cuz it's my usual!) but I see someone already said that- so don't count my comment for your giveaway- I just wanna see if I guessed right!!
Love all your cards, the addition of your princess crown is brilliant!!
melody form GW

stampmiser said...

It MUST be sweet tea, being a southern gal, like you are!! That's my guess!!

Energyfree said...

....Triple Grande Mocha! (And don't bother going "light"--it's all about the whipped cream :-)

Anonymous said...

my guess would be hot tea, probably.
you've got that nifty heater thing pitcher.
and you have an ungodly amount of mugs.
if i'm right, it's only due to the ridiculous amount of time i spend at your house. :)

Libby Hickson said...

LOVE these cards Jacki, so cute!! That crown is just PERFECT for you!! LOL!