Monday, March 23, 2009

Silly Spring Eggs

Here is a quick card I made while I was waiting for a great idea to come along. That great idea( at least I thought it was) is the Card of the Week this week on the Hero Arts web site. Check out the card making section for other great ideas. Lisa is doing window cards this week on the Hero Blog.

Update on last weeks missing papers... if you care. I did find one set. It was actually in a notebook even though I distinctly remember writing on my clipboard with loose leaf paper. I'm sure somebody re-wrote it in my notebook when I wasn't looking, because I know I didn't write it there. (Are my kids the only ones who have excuses like that?)

We didn't get a chance to do the video this weekend. We make plans, but plans change... I spent lots of time in the mall and I even stopped in the Hobby Lobby. Grand Opening is today, but they had what is called a soft opening last week. That's what I heard anyway. I went by there on Saturday after I left Target. My daughter who doesn't like Donuts or Hobby Lobby waited in the car. I still claim her because she looks so much like me, but donuts or Hobby Lobby??? What's up with that? I didn't mean to buy anything, but I was walking along minding my business when this purple tulip fabric screamed out to me to take it home.
Twilight the DVD came out and we went out to get it at Midnight on Friday night... so that was interesting. My daughter documented it. I'll post a link when she posts it. I have pictures but blogger isn't cooperating.

Speaking of plans, I'm now planning to spend some time at home waiting for repairmen this week. My refrigerator periodically sounds like a lawn mower, sometimes at night even. That's exciting... Hopefully this time is won't be shy and show off it's impersonating skills for the repair man. My phones aren't working, but thankfully my DSL is working. Let's not even imagine the panic I'd be feeling right now.... The good news, since I'll be sitting at home waiting, I'll be making cards.
Stamps: Silly Spring and Dots(Hero Arts)
Let me get back to my list of stuff to do... Be blessed and choose joy!!

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seamom said...

I do love the Hero Card of the Week! I even left a comment on that blog.
So, what will you do with your purple tulip fabric? Interesting...