Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Manly Thank You

Good morning! This is a manly or generic thank you card I made. Trees are always safe when sending a card to a man or a group, or in this case a business.

The tree is actually part of the packaging that the gift came in. The stamp is Design Block Thank You. I used two kinds of Kraft paper, green ink and buttons.

Before I tell you the winner of my little contest, let me tell you who didn't win... They were really all good guesses, but
  • it's not the persons who said water ewww... I drink water to survive not for pleasure.
  • it's not the person who guessed lemonade, although there is noting better on a summer day than fresh lemonade.
  • not the person who said root beer. of all the carbonated soft drinks, my favorite two would be dr. pepper and root beer.
  • not the persons who guessed tea, although I do love tea of any kind. I liked Iced Tea growing up in the north, but no tea beats Southern Sweet Tea. Flavor it with peach and it's even better.
So what is my favorite drink that I haven't had in 2 years and 4 months?
White Chocolate Mocha with a touch of caramel-- or even more specifically Biggby's (formerly Beaners) Teddy Bear. So Nise, you came soooo close with the fancy coffee/ cappuccino guess, but the winner is

Energyfree said...

....Triple Grande Mocha! (And don't bother going "light"--it's all about the whipped cream :-)

Karen(Energyfree) is truly the reason for my former coffee addiction so she should have gotten it right! Nise, since you were close, I'm going to send you something too. I'll send you both an email with some questions, OK?

Since I tell you everything, I might as well tell you why I only stamp coffee these days. I had four different kinds of doctors for three different medical reasons tell me that I not only shouldn't have caffeine, but I can't have coffee of any kind. Even decaf coffee has a drying affect that is bad for my voice. I didn't think life would be worth living without it, but I was totally wrong, of course :) . I really had a hard time giving it up and it took me months of just "one more and then I'll stop" before I made it a matter of prayer and gave it to God. I don't know why I waited months to do that. Now, whenever I'm tempted, I remember that it was something God took from me and I can't go back. But like I said I can stamp it. After this week of manly cards, maybe I'll do some coffee cards...

Off to get to my 'to do' list. I'm hoping to get the cell phone incident resolved today. Once it's officially over, I'll tell you all about it. I am proud of The Boy for the way he handled himself. :)


nise said...

Aw, Jacki, you don't have to send me anything. I just wanted you to know that I do read your blog (and not just gawk and drool over your art). I'd rather have my name near the top of the list for your next CD. Neat man card ~ like the paper/colors you chose.

jacki jones said...

I know you do Nise. I was rather excited when you posted a comment to that post. You are on the CD list as well. :)

Kimberly said...

eeek! I have been so busy I missed this little gem of a giveaway?!! Well, that is what I get-congrats to the winner. and thanks Jacki now I want some coffee and not just any coffee starbucks w/ lots of whip! LOL..have a great weekend!

Monica-FC said...

I know how this is drinking coffee as i quit cold turkey myself 7 years ago. haven't touched a drop since. I was a very bad drinker of coffee also. 12 cups and more a days. that was just for breakfast. I now drink water or milk. some jiuces, have to watch the acid content in those because of my stomache. God gives me strength in evey trial i go thru.