Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

Update on Christopher ( info from Katy a friend of the family)

Christopher is holding on to life. His physical challenges have increased recently but he is a trooper. Please pray that Christopher can live his life with quality, joy, and comfort. His Mom needs prayers for strength... she is traveling a difficult path.

For those of you just reading this and have no clue who Christopher is... a few months ago I received a request ( because I make cards) to send a card and then post about a little boy who has cancer and wanted to receive cards. I posted the request on my blog and was contacted by a friend of the family to remove the post because Christopher did not request cards and the well meaning cards were overwhelming the family. They are still getting a lot of cards and although receiving cards can be a wonderful experience, you can imagine that there comes a time when too many can become a burden. I'm asking you to spread the word. If you get an email asking to send cards to a sick boy in GA, please hit reply all and ask they don't send cards, but send word to our Father in Heaven. Say a prayer for his mom also.

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