Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Georgia Snow! or the Blizzard of '09 .

Now that it's in the 60's here are pictures from the blizzard of '09 in Atlanta. Once it got started it came down pretty quickly.

It started around 11:00 am March 1, 2009

The next few are about 10 minutes later. The snow is heavy and fluffy.

We dug out the now very seldom used hats and gloves so that the Other Boy could go outside to get up close and personal with the snow. I recently gave away most of the winter gear, because they've outgrown everything they used to wear in Michigan with the exception of a few hats and gloves.

And then The Boy and The Other Boy decided it was enough for a snowball fight at around 11:25

I watched them, taking pictures from the warm kitchen, while thinking that I'd bake muffins and have hot chocolate for them when they decided to come in. Of course that was when I realized that I was out of milk.

I bundled up and head out with one of my daughters. As soon as I turned out of my driveway I stopped in front of my house and took a picture of the snow sticking to the street. I didn't take this while driving, I swear!

I arrived at the grocery store ( like everybody else) and got there just in time to get the last shopping cart. I was afraid with the forecast and the crowd in the store that we wouldn't be able to get the essentials. They were restocking the milk so we were good there. But look at what we discovered on the cookie isle. No regular Oreos? What's up with that. Wait, my husband works for competitors of the Oreo people so we weren't going to buy them anyway. ;)

Getting back to the car, I remembered that after a year of driving around with a snow and ice scraper and brush thingy, I had taken it out of the car a little while back. Needed it. Didn't have it. The nice young man at Publix, who undoubtedly grew up around here and was still fascinated by the white, stuff cleaned the heavy snow off my car with his gloves. Thank you nice young man at Publix!

This is what the stop sign looked like when we returned to the neighborhood.

And one last picture of the deck at around 1:30.

Most of the snow disappeared on Monday, but we still have some in the shady part of our landscaping. With the temperatures that they're projecting, it'll be gone today or tomorrow.
Thanks for letting me share my snow stories with you.


Dot said...

From the pictures, your boys look like they loved it! You had more snow than we did in Chicago!!

gizzer said...

ugh, snow. It was pretty when it first started but when it our power started going out Sunday I was ready for it to stop. :) I'm in the Athen area & some people are still without power. :(

jacki jones said...

Gizzer, I'm so sorry. It stinks that you don't have power. Hopefully with the warmer tempuratures in the next couple of days they'll get the power back.

seamom said...

Nice photos....oh, the memories of the beautiful snow falls in RI and IN. (My past lives.) I loved to look at it from inside the house, like you taking photos from the kitchen window! Now, in FL, I don't miss it a bit!

Juanita B said...

Your photos are WONDERFUL!! I think the last two would make wonderful framed art. TFS.