Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello, cardmaking peeplez!

H@ppy n3w y3ar.

If you're looking for jacki,
she's been abducted by alienz.

z2k9 4eva!

Love alw3ays,

the ali3nz of planet DOOM.

P.$. if you ever want any crafty guidance ever again, we suggest you leave lots of funny comments on this blog.

(any questions can be directed to jillana, jannelle, or beth at or

P.P.$. Remind jacki that it is never safe to $tay signed in when the hydes are loos3!

**January 1, 9:24 pm**
^^**5EC0ND4RY BL0GH4CKAG3, {3D1T}**^^
Blogosph3re, tr3mbl3...

I was left out of the initial hackage. (meanies, i was baby sitting)
But fortunately, the ms. jacki was... not as careful as she thought when logging out. Tee hee!
and as my sister-friends did NOT link to my blog, I'll take the liberty NOW.
go visit Lals at her blog. ( the postscripts which precede this corrolary posting remain relevant.
Post comments.
And that stuff.
Much love from ninjahacker lali.
Ms. Jacki, when u get b4ck fr0m 0ut3rsp4c3, lock up yo blog. the hydes are indeed on the loose.


Amy said...


jacki jones said...

oh my goodness...

Cindy H. said...

You sure have a fun loving family! I was laughing the whole time I was reading this. Well, Ms Jacki, I see that you are *b4ck fr0m 0ut3rsp4c3* Good trip? LOLx4

Jillana said...

i'm saddened that no one took our threat seriously enough to add comments....

maybe they don't care as much about u as u think...hmmm

Jillana said...

alright, so now i've officially commented like, four, is that enough to reach the obligated family quota??

now u can stop complaining that I don't read ur blog :)

HollyHoffmaster said...

I commented on the entry that showed up on facebook because I thought it was totally hilarious!!