Friday, December 19, 2008


This card is for a friend who just moved...
AND it's in the mail! --a miracle, right here at Christmastime! This Hambo is one of my new aquisitions. I liked it last spring when it was released, but I must have been in practical mode. I didn't have a reason to need it until now!

Stamps: Message(SU), Birdhouse Estate (Hambo Stamps)
Paper: Basic Grey

I managed to knock a big dent in my Christmas shopping on Thursday morning. It helps that I'm not buying much, which is why I didn't think waiting until the last minute would be a problem. I was wrong.
We were chugging along at Target and getting ready to head to another store when I went past the purse section. Most of the things my kids wanted were in electronics. We'd already made our purchases and were headed out of the store when I spotted a purse that was really really cool. Have I mentioned that I am totally a Bag Lady? Since they locate the purse section so conveniently near the entrance/exit I couldn't just pass I went all up and through the purse section. Although I was very very tempted, I didn't buy a bag. I was really proud of myself for that, actually. I needed to find Jillana who was looking at clothes I think. Between the two of us was the jewelry counter. Instead of just going by it, I stopped and looked at the watches. My watch has been MIA since the summer and they were having a sale... ( believe me, I've got excuses!) There was a Callaway Golf ladies watch that was really cool. I called my husband and told him he needed to get me one for Christmas. While we were talking and since it wasn't going to be a surprise, I told him I would just get it (to save gas and time) and he could wrap it (so much for my fondness of surprises). He also asked me to get a battery for his Callaway Golf watch since I was in the store. The sales associate girl was probably seasonal help and brand new at least in that department because everything I asked her she in turned went to ask the sales associate guy. Lets call him "Hangover Guy" ... you'll see why soon. So when I asked Green Girl if she knew what size battery (my husband's) the watch needed, she proceeded to take the watch like his out of the display stand. Next Green Girl tried to take the watch apart. I guess she was trying to see the battery??!? When she couldn't do it, she asked Hang Over guy to help. He was also helping another lady fix something so I patiently waited. and waited .and waited while he fiddled with it. She left. And then he left mumbling something about going to electronics. She came back and asked me if he got it open. I mentioned that he'd left for electronics to which she replied "Good. He must have gotten it open". Honestly I couldn't figure out what they were doing, or why they were having a hard time opening this brand new watch that I was not purchasing. When I asked, I figured that somewhere on the box or in a pamphlet that came with the watch, it'd say what size battery the thing needed. Anyway, Hangover Guy came back with the watch in hand and struggled to get the watch back together. I wanted to ask him to do that after I purchased my watch because now I was out of time. I had to be the High school to pick up my daughter who was getting out half day today. BUT, I didn't say anything. I just patiently waited. UNTIL he went to get the box for the man's watch and started to put the watch in the box like they would do if I were purchasing it. OK then I realized that he and I weren't on the same page. I told him that I was just purchasing the ladies watch and I needed a battery for that man's watch that was like the one I already had at home. He looked totally dumbfounded, but started to write something on a slip of receipt paper. He gave me the slip of paper with the battery's size or code number so that I could go to electronics to get myself. (duh) The way the jewelry counter is set up, they have a little cash register stand in the center of the glass display island thingy, so I can't really see what he's doing. I assumed he was finally ringing up my watch when he stopped and walked over to me and said we need to go to Customer Service about the gift card. Gift Card?? I never gave him a gift card! I don't even know where he got the gift card! When I told him so, he just threw the gift card back over towards the cash register??!! I'm seriously thinking that I really didn't need this watch. I'm out of time and patience and I almost walked out. He finally rang up my watch, I paid for it, got my watch, and almost ran away from that section of the store! Whew!!! He really must have had a hard night, or something!! And that's why I called him Hang Over guy(Oh, but not to his face, I would never do that! LOL). I went to other end of the store back to the crowded electronic department. After all that, I was determined to get that watch battery for my husband. I finally was able pay for my battery and leave the store in just enough time to get to the school on time. It was then that I remembered why I used to do all my Christmas shopping in October!

And after all that I got my girl and I still had to go to The Other Boy's party. So Sarah, now you see why I needed a nap this afternoon!

I guess it's back to the store on Friday to finish up. I'll be getting a good night sleep and saying prayers for the sales people before I go. LOL!


Barb W said...

Your card is so cute! Those bird houses are adorable.

What a nightmare at Target,though!

Shirley said...

I love your cards and have enjoyed reading your blog in 2008. Your food pics about your New Year's meals made me hungry.Please post your pizza recipe. Best wishes to you and your family now and in the future.