Saturday, October 4, 2008

World Card Making Day at The Card Castle

I should have known better than to declare, here in public, that I was going to do something...

It's almost 6 in the evening and I'm just getting started with the actual card making. I FINISHED the cleaning and organizing (finally, yippee!!!) that I couldn't seem to finish before. Every time I'd start, I'd find something hidden or buried under a pile that I'd previously started and that would inspire creativity. Before I could stop myself, I'd find my self making cards and not cleaning. Today I was determined to finish. After all, I couldn't have the video camera in here with the mess. Still pictures is entirely different. I don't think I've ever actually had it totally finished before, because I remember moving stuff from one side of the room to the other for the pictures. Anyway, I digress. I also spent time this afternoon getting my hair straightened.
And the other reason I didn't get started earlier was I didn't want to make the videotape alone. It felt weird talking to myself. With this beautiful weather we are having, it's not hard to see why The Boy would choose going outside over staying in and making cards with his mom. The teenager did what teenagers do. She took a nap after her practice. She was up late last night and literally slept all afternoon. I'm going to call them and see if they are ready to play. I'm still hoping for company, but at this point, I'll work without them if necessary. Here are a few pictures while I wait for my artists to join me. You know, I should make this world card making week since my room is finally cleaned up. I can finally do those tutorials since the space is organized. In the meantime, I'm going to show you a couple of pictures of the cleanness and then get back to the creating. So without further ado, here is The Card Castle, October 2008
The first picture (above) is what you see as you enter the room.


Staci M. said...! It looks SUP-AH now that you've got it all spruced up! (not that I knew what it looked like messy). What a fun place to "play"! Do I see TWO ATG's? Wow, you are hard-core! OK, where's the video of you crafting? LOL! I spent the whole day painting - my exterior doors and trim on the shed and touch-up on the shutters that I painted last weekend. LOTS of work. Lots of sore muscles!

jacki jones said...

I'm going to try to add the video of tomorrow's session (probably Monday). Oh Shoot! I shouldn't have said that out loud.
Yes, two ATG's. I bought the yellow one because the red ones were out of stock. Didn't like it too much. Got a good deal on the red one because I bought it from a left handed crafter and she had a hard time with it. I might sell the yellow one.... who knows? So when are you coming to see me?

marciad said...

Wow. Love the Castle. I didn't do anything but think about making cards. Might get to the making tomorrow.

Wanda in NC said...

Jacki, I love yours Castle stamping room. It is so neat. TFS your picturs.

Kimberly said...

your space looks great!! good job and what fun to be done with that and be able to create in this clean space :) TFS-oh I noticed the 2 ATG's also hehe

Cindy H. said...

What a wonderful, warm room to stamp in! I love all the Snoopy dolls and his friends - so cute :) I, too, noticed the two ATG's - I'm impressed! I love the corner protector on your stamping table - I definitely need one of those :) TFS

jacki jones said...

Funny that you all noticed that. I put them out so that I will use them. I've had the yellow one for several months and I didn't use it that much, because I didn't like it. I do like the red one, but I forget to use it. I still reach for my Tombo Monoadhesive because I've been using that for years.

When I first got that desk, my youngest son was the exact height that if he cut the corner too close, he would run right into it with his forehead. I've never taken them off.

Dot said...

What a big, beautiful room and so well lite also!!


Monica-FC said...

wow, your room is gorgeous. I need some help with mine. like to help?? lol. just to get organized is hard and it would be nice if you could put organizing tips or how you organized your room. many thanks.

seamom said...

Uh... pardon my being uninformed, but what is an ATG?

Great many iris carts to hold so much stuff. And I am guessing this room sparks lots of creativity. All the beautiful cards you post confirm my guess.

Anonymous said...


I love the "Card Castle". I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that start cards and don't finish them until later.


Anonymous said...


I love the "Card Castle". I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that start cards and don't finish them until later.


Ann B. in Kalamazoo said...

Wow - I'm inspired by your pictures of your room! Will you help me with mine? LOL
Seriously, I have a few organizational questions:
1. How do you organize your paper? Do yo keep your stampin-up paper seperated by colors from other paper? How do you store them?
2. Do yo keep your stampin up stamp sets seperate from your other stamps? Do you store by theme?
3. Any other tips??
4. I didn't see an answer to what is an ATG? I don't know either!
Miss ya in Michigan!!

jacki jones said...

I'm not sure what the letters A T G stands for (maybe someone else knows?) but what it is is an adhesive applicator. You can see the big red and yellow guns on my black desk.

I've got answers to all of your organizational questions. I've been working on a post for months on and off, but I couldn't post it until my room was clean and I could take the pictures. I'll finish it up and get it posted soon and very soon....