Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Happy Thankgiving!

Whenever I need to make cards for my job, I just get the stamps out and start creating. I started with three general ideas this time. The most obvious stamp in that set is the pumpkin, so my first thought would have been to see what I create with the other stamps. My assignment was to create one with the pumpkin and one without. So we were on the same wavelength.
I played around with three different ideas, and the one that didn't make it was the one that didn't get finished on time. The leaves took forever to color. I don't know how God does it! :)
After I did all that coloring, I had a hard time covering them up because each leaf was so unique.
The next card was the original three pumpkins card. The one that was published on the website was the second one I started. I changed my mind and stamped the pumpkins on white card stock and built the card around that. I love the background in the one on the Hero Arts web site, but having now finished this one, I think I like the orange-ness of this card.
Everything was stamped right on the main card. I glued the Brown and Kraft strips together and dug in the back of my orange/yellow ribbon drawer and found this ribbon that I purchased from Michaels last year, I think. Anyway, I opened it and used it. I used the same materials for both cards with the exception of the ribbon and green card stock.

Stamps: Happy Thanksgiving (Hero Arts)
Ink: Art Print Brown ( Memories)
Paper/Card stock: Fall Mixed Notecards with Envelopes (Hero Arts)
Other: Ribbon, color pencils

~and for the first card the green strip is a new texture from Bazzill. It looks a little like the swiss dots embossing folder except that the dots are smaller and not as deep and it comes in 12 x 12 sheets.

I love the new card packs that Hero Arts put together for the holiday season. First of all when I make cards for them I try to use their cards only. The new card sets have a couple new purples and a dark blue that they didn't have as and option before. But the fall colors are especially magnificent. I love fall colors anyway. There was a time in my life before purple, that orange was my favorite color. Other than the great colors, and matching envelopes, what I like about their cards is that they are white inside. Creating a simple single layered card is more feasible because it doesn't involve having to line the card or using a special pen to write in it.

On a personal note:
The migraine is somewhat better today, but not completely gone. I have an appointment to get these headaches checked out --especially since I can't take Ibuprophen with this drug that I'm on. I'm stuck using Tylenol based products which usually don't give me total relief. I'm thankful that at least Motrin or Advil does work for my headaches, normally. I know people who have horrible migraines and over the counter drugs do nothing. Right now, the best I can do is lay down, so I've done that quite a bit since yesterday afternoon when this one hit. I'm sorry I don't mean to be so whiney... I'm going back to do some more coloring to relax before the house explodes with kids. I still have to get a card made from those beautiful roses I colored. -- after I get a bunch of over due cards in the mail.

On that note, I'll see you tomorrow! Be blessed! Choosing Joy, Jacki


Amy said...

So sorry to hear about all your aches, pains, and itches. Big hugs coming to you all the way from MN! Don't worry, you're not whiny, and I'm praying for you!


nise said...

These are really pretty. God did an extra firm coloring this year in the middle of the mitten - the leaves are so vibrant as the sun rises most mornings on my way to work. Hope you feel better soon 'cause I'm looking forward to seeing your roses.

Kimberly said...

great cards Jacki! I am looking for some nice Christmas images. I just ordered a grab bag of 100 rubber stamps for 15 bucks (thanks to the enablers at splitcoast and cricut message boards) so I am hoping it has some I can use.

Sorry about the headaches!! I am one of those that suffer from migraines and they are horrible! Taking a shower with very warm water helps a lot as the steam opens up the bloodvessels and relieves some of the pain. I hope you get relief and soon!!

Elaine said...

These are so incredible! I can only imagine how much time those leaves took to color - and I would not have wanted to cover them either! Great choices on stamps for the assignment too!

Theresa said...

Your cards are just gorgeous! Love your wonderful coloring on the leaves and pumpkins. I hope you are feeling better by now.

Kathy W said...

Beautiful cards, Jacki. I like the pumpkins stamped on the orange, too. Great inspiration here; thanks for sharing.