Friday, September 19, 2008


I thought I'd make a card for the person who inspired me to purchase this stamp set with the tulip. I love Tulips. I have enough tulip stamps. My mind was made up, until I saw several cards Julie made with it. My determination dissolved and I bought it.
I wanted to show you the detail in the coloring, because it was one of the easiest and quickest I've done in a long time. I did most of this flower with one color pencil. I went back with a cranberry color only in key spots. As much as I love to color, sometimes time is of the essence and I need it to go quickly. All I did was vary the amount of pressure to get the shading. I didn't color all the way to the ends, that left lighter spots that serve as my highlights.

Now if I can just get this in the mail, we can call this a success!

And here is Sarah K (another inspiration) of Encouraging Impressions and me at Panera Bread last Saturday night. I'll have more pictures once she gets here on Monday.


Cindy H. said...

I love this card! Your coloring is gorgeous!!! TFS

ampug09 said...

Hey I know Sarah K! Looks like you are both having a good time! I love checking out your the coloring techniques and your cards are beautiful!

Faye said...

Jacki, I love this card!!! You have such an inspiring blog.

Child of the King, also.