Friday, August 1, 2008

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

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With the beginning of a new school year in our midst... I would like to put a renewed emphasis on praying for the young people in our lives. Please add the names of the young people in your life by commenting on this post.
Remember to leave a comment as a way to encourage all those on the list.**If you've been on a previous list, please email with your update. Check back on last months post for the previous details and requests, I'm only including updates and new requests here.
Update: Dina and family. Home again! Prayers answered! See their update here.
Update: Karen (Sarah's Daughter)
We are now looking into migraines. We have noticed that noise is a trigger, and as college (especially dorm life) is noisy, we are hoping the local gp can find the right medication for her before college starts.

...somebody in the Kornhaus family has sense of humor, wouldn't you say?
NEW: Sandie (sandie994 from GW) has 2 requests:
First: her son is having back surgery on Aug 13, so prayer to guide the Dr. and that all goes well.

Second is really a difficult one. My SIL has breast cancer and is having a double Mastectomy, reconstruction on Aug 14. She will then need to have chemo. She and my brother have been married just a year, and his first wife died of Ovarian cancer after a long illness. This was a long hard time for him. We are so happy that he found Cindy but hate to see him going through this again. So we need prayers for her, my brother, the doctors, etc.

Update*( 8/14) : My Son and SIL came through their surgeries without any complications. My SIL is in recovery and has a long haul ahead of her, so would appreciate continued prayers for her.
NEW: Catherine: Her 4 year old son Ethan has been displaying very strange behavior. They are not sure what caused it, but recently saw some improvement when they started him on vitamins.

Catherine says, "We basically would like to see God wrap his loving healing arms around Ethan, and for Him to help us figure out what is going on. To protect us from any evil, and to give our family the strength that we need to carry on, to find the right person to help us out to figure out what is going on with our son. To help us find someone help us be able to understand what is going on with Ethan, and to help us/teach us to help him. Thank you so much for your prayer, we need it :)!"

NEW: Me: I mentioned this the other day, but I'm praying for healing of the symptoms of Discoid Lupus. If God chooses to supernaturally heal me... that's fine with me. If He chooses to heal me thru a lifestyle change, that's fine too. Specifically right now I need (1) to find the perfect primary care doctor and (2) My dermatologist needs to see that the treatment she's given me on for the next few weeks improves my condition. I don't want to take the strong drug at all.

Update*(8/14): I'm seeing a marked improvement in the lesion on my face. The dermatologist actually injected the medicine directly into my cheek the last time I was there. Hopefully, by the time I see her in a couple of weeks, I will have improved enough that she will forget about the drug thing.
NEW: Debbie S ( Kentucky Deb from GW)
For my (sons) Jake as he finishes up his last year of college. For his health - spiritually, mentally, and physically.
For (son) Jud - to be freed from the deception he is currently under and for his relationship with God to be restored and renewed. Physical protection for him and for God to either change unhealthy relationships or to take those people out of Jud's life.
Me - continued healing from my surgery and stamina as I attempt to go back to school part time. Peace of mind as I see my breast problems through, still no real answers yet.
Praise God for a wonderful husband and friends who took such good care of me!
Update: Mary-Ellen (about the friends who lost their first baby). They are an incredibly strong couple. They had a memorial service the last weekend in July. They have really looked to the Lord for their strength through the past few weeks. She even offered to take care of my boys for a few days while my babysitter was not available.
Let's continue to pray for this couple as they maneuver thru the next few months especially.

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Monica-FC said...

there are medications that will keep the migraines under control but your dr. needs to find the right one and it is a trial and error. I have migraines 24/7 and mine never go away and the medications I take for my migraines just keep me so i can do everyday task. I also have a medication that I take for the huge splitting painful ones which i call the BIG ones but I take that med whenever I get the big ones. somedays I am down only a day, 3days, or week. depends on the migraine. But my migraines will never go away for me, but I have learned to live with it. the dr. is still trying to find meds for me also but generics are helping me right now. Noise, light,and nausea takes it affect on me. But living living with it has helped me to do others things and my Husband has learned to know when i have a migraine and a big one also. this way he knows when i am going to lay down in a dark room for a few hours. have faith as there is meds out there that do help very much.