Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tagged! again....

This time I was tagged by Bridget. She found me thru the Paper Trey Forum.
Here are seven random things about me that I don't think I've mentioned before... Since I've been locating and catching up with some of my high school friends after all these years, I'll do a couple of post high school facts.
  1. My mother got me my first real job after I graduated high school. I worked as a secretary's assistant in an office. It was very boring, but I met a lot of nice people.
  2. I went to college with a desire to get a degree in intermediate education ( grades 4-9 or something like that) After taking the intro to education and spending time in a classroom, I realized that teaching was not for me! A few years I later realized that I love to teach but don't like the structure and discipline to the level that teachers of children have to maintain. Teaching adults has become my passion.
  3. I finally settled on a practical career and earned an associates degree in accounting and finance.
  4. I only worked for 2 years after graduation before I became a mom for the first time. I never went back to work full time and I have no regrets. Every time I talked about returning to school or getting a job, I would get pregnant again. I finally realized that my fate was staying home with the youngins'
  5. I home schooled for one school year and learned that that didn't work for us either. We had a great year, but they needed teachers so that I could concentrate on being the mommy.
  6. it's inevitable that I'm going to be the shortest in my family. All the girls are taller than me. and after the way they shot up this summer it's only a (short)matter of time before the boys are taller than me too.
  7. Four of my children celebrate their birthdays within 6 weeks during late July-early September. Yup, we planned it that way....
If you actually read this boring stuff, I hope you enjoyed it. So to tag 7 people who I don't think I've tagged before, I'm going to start with my children...

Renee K


Dawn Bibbs said...

What great're so interesting :-).

loni.sue said...

So... exactly how short are you? (You can answer in Chinese characters or taels or stones or Vietnamese weights. Or not at all.) I'm 5'8" and holding. Used to be teased as the tallest girl in class in grammar school.

jacki jones said...

I'm around 5 feet four and three quarters inches. My husband is over 6 feet.

Laurie in MN said...

Your grandma Minerva looks younger then her age. Ethel looks like a sweet person.
The family reunion looked fun.

Love your cards.

I am almost 5'8" and never the shortest and seldom the tallest.
I never expected to be passed up by my 13 year old daughter who is now 5'9". She may have adult height but has a childs heart when she wants to sit on my lap and cuddle.

jacki jones said...

laurie! 5' 9", wow, is she done, yet??? I have a 13 year old neice who is 5' 9" too. My sister and her husband are tall.

Holly Craft said...

Hi Jacki!
I am up in Chicago at CHA but I received your tag. I will have to think about my seven answers....I will post soon (depending on how long I want to pay for internet....LOL)
Hope you are having a great week,