Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a sweet gift from God

How could I now be encouraged by this? I peeked out the door this morning and this is what I saw next to my walk way. I know they are just flowers... But we didn't plant these. My hubby dumped the dirt from planter last year in the front of the house to help build up the flower beds that the deer demolished, but this is the back of the house.

These are the same flowers I wrote about last summer in this post called Blooming. I did another post a little while later featuring a card that I made with pictures of those same flowers. Bloom where you are planted.

And now here is what they looked like when I first discovered it several weeks ago. As you can see, they aren't in a flower bed or anything. Actually, they are in a part of the landscaping that we haven't really done anything to just yet. (LOL I said 'we' like I'm going to do something! My husband actually enjoys the outside yard type work. I do the inside type work, OK?? )

When I first discovered them I was excited at the special surprise. I had no idea they would continue to grow and spread. (I'm flower ignorant) The size of this bush surprised me. They really had a growth spurt over the last few days. It must have rained a lot over the weekend while we were away.
What am I getting from all this? Are flowers really a miracle? I guess not a miracle. But, the fact that we didn't plant them and they seemed to come from nowhere... It's just a sweet reminder that there is someone watching out for me and He really cares about me. He cares that I like these pretty purple flowers. Look around your world and see the sweet reminders that what God loves you too!


Speaking of sweet reminders of God's love for me...

We are blessed with a lot of beautiful friends. We had the opportunity to visit with several friends that we haven't spent a lot of time with in almost 10 years! On our way to Pennsylvania, we stopped in Maryland to see our friends the Kirks. Since I totally forgot to take pictures, so I'm going to have to get them to send me some recent pictures. The last time I saw the kids, I think they were 7 and 9 or something like that. The oldest son recently graduated college and the twins are sophomores in college. The kids are hilarious! We are going to plan to get together soon so that it's not another 10 years before we see them again!

And now for some pictures. Meet the Browns. ;) This my friend Ronda and her daughters and granddaughter. They drove an hour and a half to my mom's house to see us. The dad couldn't make it, so we'll have to see him next time.

Me and Ronda

I met the oldest, JaNese when she was just a couple of years old.

Bernai is our goddaughter and this is her sweet little girl.

Sisters (smile)


And then Sunday night we stopped in to see our former Pastor's family. We were so close to them that they are the godparents of our first baby.
The Williams girls( Chierra and Courtney ) and my three.
Pastor Keith and Connie Williams with Jannelle.
It's thundering and lightning and I need to shut the computer down. I'll post a card and the family reunion pictures tomorrow or later tonight depending on the storm.


Amy said...

oh, your flower story gives me CHILLS!!! Your favorite color and flowers appearing from no where. Could it be anything but God Jacki!!! Those are petunias, and here in MN, we pay big money every season to buy those to plant in our planters. They last only a few short months, and then die away. How blessed you are to live somewhere that they can rebloom again. God's blessing you sister.


Monica-FC said...

I love your flowers and how they just grew like that. it sure is amazing how things just grow out of no where. God must have wanted some pretties there for a reason that only he knows. I don't have a green thumb either but you should the hostas that my brother planted 2 years ago and i don't ating to them. I have been told to cut them back this year.

Sharon in NE said...

Great pics...all those beautiful young women! They grow as fast as those petunias.