Friday, June 13, 2008

My Favorite

Remember this card? It was the first card I officially made for Hero Arts and it's still my favorite. It was featured on their website a few weeks ago.

My dad used to say when some food tasted particularly good, "tastes like more". That's what I thought about with this card. I need more! I thought I would copy this card so that I could send them to a couple different friends.

I think I'm going to send this one to Gail. It's been a while since I sent her a card.

This first copy is for my friend Sara, who is battling leukemia in MI. She needs the comfort of a little "Son"shine right now. I mentioned on my prayer list this month, that she's hit another snag. It's like a roller coaster ride for her these days. Praise God that she was able to attend the graduations of both her daughters (one from college and one from high school) in the previous few weeks.

The last two aren't designated just yet, but I'm sure, I'll figure it out in the next few days. I'm in sending cards mode right now. I sent out several the other day and I have a couple more that I'm getting ready today.

On a Personal Note: Remember all that work I did for my calendar a while back? Outlook is broken so I've reverted back to the old calendar. --the one where I have to write everything down by hand! I went to Target yesterday and purchased a set of Franklin Covey calendar pages on clearance. I chuckled when I was reading how to use this system. They talk about how to prioritize the "to do" lists I make at the bottom of the page. I made my list for today and everything was 'A' or high priority. I guess I don't bother writing down stuff that isn't absolutely necessary for today. If I wrote down all the stuff I think I might want to do I'd still be writing. :)

Happy Friday to you. That doesn't really mean much in the summer time normally. But tomorrow I don't have anything on my calendar for the morning. That means I may get to sleep past seven.... I don't know maybe until 7:30?

I really do have to go, but I wanted to talk more about that movie "The Bucket List". I watched it again last night. I do recommend renting it, but watch the ratings because of the theme and a little foul language. Maybe tomorrow. Lot's to think about after that movie.
Have a blessed day! Choosing Joy! Jacki

Ink: Memories Artprint Brown
Paper: Cantaloupe and Lemon Note cards
Other: Prismacolor pencils, assorted crystal gemstones


Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey there Miss Jacki. Super cute cards. I love the colors. You do AWESOME work!

Now that you've watched "The Bucket List" AGAIN...I will have to rent it. Thanks for the "thumbs up".

Wish I had known you didn't have anything planned for today. I would've tried to hook up with you. Oh well, the day's a goner for me now :-). Hopefully one day next week.

Have a great weekend, my friend!

cardcrazy said...

A few minutes ago I ran across this card on the Hero Arts website and made a mental note to be sure to purchase that stamp set. Then I jumped on your website and there was the card again....WOW! I think "Someone" is telling me I need to make this one!

Another odd Dad also says good food "tastes like more".

Have a blessed weekend!

melissa the great said...

I understand... your macaroni and cheese tastes like more. :)

I love the cards. They're so happy and simple. Like sophisticated in an approachable way. :)

jacki jones said...

Krissy, Thanks for dropping by. I love this card, it was difinitely inspired!
Our dad's must have been from the same era. (smile)
I just wanted to point out that the smaller flower is included in the set. The larger one is a wood mounted stamp.

jacki jones said...

Dawn, the Bucket list will definitely be worth your rental fee! I want to talk about it, so email me when you see it. I don't want to give away too much by talking about it online.
See you soon!

jacki jones said...

and Melissa, thanks for the macaroni and cheese compliment. I think I may have some waiting for you when you get here on Sunday...

You have such a way with words. I may have a job for you in the near future!

Joan B said...

these are fabulous!!

seamom said...

Franklin Covey Day Planner: I had the same problem when my workplace sent us all to a seminar and we were told to use them. All my to-do's were A's too!
We watched Bucket List in the RV a couple of nights ago. Good movie followed by some discussion and much pondering.

Annapurna said...

Lovely cards. Lucky friends you have to get your famous cards.