Monday, May 12, 2008

You make me smile...

Here is a card I made for no reason in particular. Just cleaning off my desk...again. I colored several copies of this vase image by smARTworks and it was sitting on my desk. The Flourish border stamp by Hero Arts was sitting on my desk too. I really like how it came together. My goal for today is to finish cleaning my desk without stopping to make a card from everything I see...

Stamps: Bloomin' Good (smARTworks),Flourish Borders and You Inspire Me (Hero Arts)

Mother's Day was relaxing. My husband made salad (at my request). They had chicken in their salad and since I don't eat chicken he bought roast beef for my salad. I opted for just the vegetables. I love a good salad! He also bought an apple pie for dessert. The girls and I watched a couple of the movies I mentioned yesterday.

The boys made cards for me.

My little comedian, the youngest, made a book/card for me at school. They suggested what he should write about on each page.

As I read it, he stood over me to watch my reaction and add commentary. I'll share a couple of the pages...

He commented," I did the math". Evidently he's been alive 3,557 days.

this says "my mom looks prettiest when she's dressed up for church (I had no choice)" He said they made him say that.

They must have done this project before lunch (smile) because the subject of spaghetti came up on two of the six pages. I guess we'll be having spaghetti one day this week.

My older son is an artist. He asked me if he could go into the Card Castle to make a card. Usually, I'm with him when he's making cards, but I let him go in on his own. Of course, he's a an artist like me in the sense that he made a huge mess to create this beautiful masterpiece. I urged him to go and put things away, after he finished, because we all know that I had my own mess to clean up. He didn't do too bad actually. I only had a little to clean up this morning.

He carefully stamped the purple tulips on the inside so that they would be seen through the window he made with a metal ringed vellum tag. He's got the design down, but I realize that we need to give him some pointers on the tools and inks I have.

My Mother's Day gift was something I've been wanting for a while. I got a writing/drawing tablet for the computer. I'm looking forward to getting some more stamp designs done with it for starters. I'm going to take a class this summer with one of my young artist friends, so that I can take better pictures and get a tutorial on Photo Shop. Now that I have the tablet, I'm going to stop buying stamps for a while so that I can save up to get Photo Shop. I'm going to need a couple of you to pick up the slack so that we don't see a shift in the economy because I'm not buying stamps. lol

One of those GA tornadoes touched down just 2 miles from my house. The storm only woke a couple of us up in this house. I just sat with my flashlight and stared at the trees moving violently in the dark. Now that I know the tornado was so close, the next time I wake up in a storm like that I'm headed to the basement. My husband had to get up really early to sing at church so I wanted him to get his rest. The power went out so I couldn't even check to see if there was a tornado warning/watch. We only lost power for a few hours, but I think the next time I'll err on the side of caution and get everyone to the basement.

One more thing, Would you pray for me?
I finally realized this morning that the tiredness I'm feeling over the past week may be some of my Lupus symptoms kicking in. This morning I woke up really achy. The doctor mentioned that surgery might cause a flare up. I guess I need to find a primary care doctor here. It's time for a check up. I also now have a recommendation for a dermatologist. The 'funny" thing is, I only seem to remember to make the call for an appointment when they are on their lunch break or after hours. Now that I'm determined right now, you guess it, they are closed for lunch. I guess I'll set an alarm for maybe 2:00 this afternoon so that I can make that appointment.

I didn't mean to end this post on such a downer... I'm going to load up my software and play a bit. Have a blessed day!


Kathy W said...

Beautiful card and thank you for sharing the wonderful cards that you received from your children. I treasure the cards my son has made me. Tornados sound extremely scary. You'll be included in my prayers today; I too have that problem of always thinking to call medical folks when they are not there. I like the timer idea. Get some rest, take care, and thanks for sharing your Mother's Day.

Dawn Bibbs said...

WOW! You got the writing/drawing thing you told me about? How cool for you! I mean, we just talked about that last week and you didn't seem sure that you'd get it. Good job! :-)

I LOVE the cards that the boys made for you. Too sweet. And the card you made is usual.

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling 100% yourself. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Love ya!

Sharon in NE said...

Sweet cards! (I love your youngest' sense of humor!)

I will keep you in my prayers!

marciad said...

Love the boys' creativity. Take care of yourself. You're in my prayers.

Allison said...

This is such a pretty image...great color palette too!

Super cute cards from your kids too!

Juliana said...

so much to comment on:
I just LOVE that card--beautiful images (main and bg)!! I love the colors!

I love your stories about the *have to* part of the card--I have gotten things from ds like that, too. LOL!

I have added your to my list (prayer). I am praying that the Holy Spirit urges you at the right time to call (and wisdom for that dr.).