Friday, May 9, 2008

Chocolate and Friends

Happy Friday!! Don't forget to get in on the 500th post celebration! I found the other two cards mentioned in that post, so I'll post them when I post the winner of the contest.

My friend Gina came here again. I mentioned it the last time she came but I didn't show any pictures, because they looked bad... I got up this morning and actually tried fixing my hair so that we could hopefully take a better picture together... The first mistake was we went out on the back porch. This is an "instant frizz" day so immediately my hair started looking like the wicked witch of the west. It was like the 20 minutes spent straighting and curling my hair had never happened! Anyway, this card is for Gina. She is a great friend and I was honored to fix the "greatest lasagna in the world" for her and her family.

While I was making, I made two. I love this ribbon (bought at Michaels)and I needed an excuse to use it.

Stamps: (Rubber Romance), Making the world sweeter (SU), You're the best friend(Hambo Stamps)

On a Personal Note:
One of the girls was hired at the mall. We are still working on the other one. Hopefully she'll get a call soon...

It's Mother's Day weekend. My celebration usually starts on Saturday. I think I'm going to take a nap or two and probably watch a movie or two. I'm tired. I've had a regular week, meaning, it seems like everybody-- including me forgot that I've recently had surgery. I think I really need to chill out for a few days. Next week shouldn't be as busy. Oh, wanna know what my new favorite movie is? 27 Dresses. I've seen it 5 times already, in a week. I just rented P.S. I love you. I'll let you know how that is. Waitress, makes me hungry for pie. It was a little strange the first time I saw it, but it grew on me. I love the Andy Griffith Character. I saw that right after surgery. I told my girls about it, and now they want to see it, so we rented it again. It's definitely one of those movies that gets better the more you watch it. I'll probably watch August Rush one more time before I loan it out.

Did you mail your Mother's Day Cards? I did!!! I'm still excited about that!


Sarosa said...

Well, I mailed them on Thursday, so they might not make it on time, but at least they'll get there, lol!

Adorable cards, Jacki!

Dot said...

I mailed my cards in plenty of time this year!! I hope you enjoy your Mother's Day!