Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

to submit your request email me at
Don't forget the young people.
Continue to send me their names (or yours) so that they can be added to the list.
Remember to leave a comment as a way to encourage all those on the list.**If you've been on a previous list, please email with your update. Check back on last months post for the previous details and requests, I'm only including updates and new requests this month.
Update -Sara: (this is my friend in MI who is battling leukemia) She's hit a snag, but I've seen God do some of his best work when we can't see how he does it. Please continue to pray for her and her family as they rely on our Heavenly Father for healing and peace.
New -Karen: My niece has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she is in her 30’s. She has tremendous faith and is blogging her daily progress. You can check out her blog here Please add her to your prayer list.
Update: Nancy's son Andrew is he's having slight improvement. Some days are good, some days are bad, some are a mix. But there are good days...which is a huge change. He sounds so much better, although he admits he's rather things were improving faster. Prayers are responsible for the improvement he's doubt about that.
Update: Sarah: After having numerous tests done, we still do not have an answer for Karen. The neurologists have not seemed interested in trying to figure out what her condition is. However, we just found an epilepsy clinic that is very interested in trying to help Karen, or at the very least, tell us where we should go next. She has an appointment with them on May 29th.
Don't forget to check previous posts for other prayer concerns and details on the ones that are only updated here. You can find links to the previous post on the right.

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