Monday, April 7, 2008

Nothing creative today...

...but I am writing to as for your prayers.

My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday at 8 in the morning. Please pray for me tomorrow as I do my last minute errands and prepare for the surgery. I'll pick my mother up at the airport around lunch time and she will stay with us for 10 days.

I was ok, and not nervous or anything until I went to the doctor's office this morning. Actually, I don't know if there is much of a difference between anxious and nervous, but I think anxious would describe what I'm feeling. I'm just ready to get it behind me. This morning they had me sign a paper that describes every possible thing that could go wrong and if that didn't scare me enough the doctor was kind enough to walk me thru every detail! :) Actually, I went thru all this just 13 months ago down to arriving at the hospital the morning of the surgery. I guess some of those emotions are resurfacing, too. BUT don't feel sorry for me, I'm really fine. Before I ramble on too much, let me say what I started this post to say....

I would appreciate your prayers. Here's how you pray...

  1. for efficiency tomorrow as I finalize everything and prepare for the surgery itself.

  2. my mother's safe travels to us

  3. calm nerves

  4. that I keep my focus and trust in my heavenly Father

  5. the surgery itself ( the doctors and all involved)

  6. my swift recovery so that I can come home quickly from the hospital

That's all I can think of for now.

I'll probably pop in again tomorrow and then Jillana will be in touch on Wednesday.

I thank God every day for blessing me with friends and family. He's been especially generous to me with all the friendships I've made thru this blog. I just pray that I honor Him with everything that I do.

Signing off for now... and of course, I'm choosing joy!! Jacki


Amy said...

I will also pray for wisdom and discernment for the drs, and for peace for you prior to surgery! I'll be thinking of you--God will hold you in the palm of his hand girl!


Trish D said...


Sandy Knecht said...

Sending prayers your way for you and your family. Angels are all around to comfort you too!

KardKrazy said...

Jacki, I will be covering you and your family in prayer!

thinker said...

Just came about your blog (through the CSSC link). Your last comment about choosing joy brought such a smile to my heart because it's a choice that I too have been making each day since last summer.

Will be praying for you - may God surround you with His peace!

Sharon in NE said...

I am lifting you up in prayer making those requests known to him and claiming this wonderful verse:
"God is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us..." Eph 3:20. (((:))) big hug

Kimberly said...

Praying extra prayers for you!! Stay strong, He is with you every moment. I will pray for your peace of mind and safe, speedy recovery. for your family and their strength and safety for those traveling to be with you. As you know all things are possible through Him.
Love and Blessings!

loni.sue said...

You are in so many hearts and prayers I don't see how you can also be in a hospital. We'll be with you, baby.

Dot said...

Hi Jacki!

You and your family and the doctors will be in my prayers tomorrow! Cast your cares upon the Lord and He will sustain you!


Kathy W said...

Hi Jacki, haven't had a chance to check blogs lately, but have been praying for you all this week. I'm glad your mom will be there to help take care of you and your family.