Sunday, March 2, 2008

Miscellaneous Birthdays

I'll still trying to use stamps that I've not used in a while. Here is one from my Snoopy Collection. I collect Snoopy stamps, but I rarely use them. What up with that? This is also my favorite Happy Birthday stamp. I haven't used it in a little while either. I love it because it reminds me of my friend Staci's very precise handwriting.

This is a result of attempting to clean off my desk. The different components were created at different times. This one needs something subtle. Ribbon? a button? hmmm....

On a Personal Note: I don't think I'm going to be doing very much card making this week, but I still have lots of cards from my marathon card making session on Thursday. If I feel like blogging, I'm well stocked.

I'm armed with my list of tasks and I'm trying to work in large solid blocks of time this week. One major project each day. Other than that, the only thing I have scheduled for this week is my Bible Study one morning and a class one evening. I'm starting to feel like I'm running out of time before the surgery. I won't be able to recuperate properly looking at all this junk. "Encourage me" to get back to work if you see me online too much...

Any prayer requests? I'm updating my Anybody Wanna Pray With Me post for March.

Choosing Joy, Jacki j


marciad said...

Snoopy is adorable. I like what you did for the second card putting together found elements. I wouldn't add a bow, button maybe. Please let us know when you are having surgery. Praying for you.

seamom said...

Marciad and I think alike re your cards, the date and praying for you. So first "ditto" to her comments.
Second, will you add my husband's cousin to your prayer list? Her name is Lori Terranova and she lives in RI. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and will have her 3rd chemo treatment on Thursday. Pray for physical healing, and that God will use this to draw her to His side.
Thank you, Jackie.

Dot said...

Hi Jacki!

Could you add a friend of mine to the prayer list that I am trying to help?! She is a new Christian and is struggling with past drug and drinking problems that keep waiting to draw her back to her former way of life. I am trying to walk along side of her and guide her by example and thru time we spend together. The struggles she is having is putting a huge strain on her relationship with her daughter who is only 9 years old and her daughter's father who she lives with. Their situation is a mess. But thru counseling at church and people trying to come along side of them, and lots of prayer hopefully the situation will come together in a Christ pleasing way. Her name is Dawn.


jacki j. said...

Thanks for the suggestions. :) My surgery is April 9th.
Your prayer requests are added to the March list. Thanks for everything , friends!

Cindy H. said...

The Snoopy card is so adorable! I've done the same thing in that I have at least one of all the Peanuts characters. Snoopy is so expressive that I have several of him! But, I don't seem to use them very often either :( After seeing your cute card, maybe I'll just get them out and play!

I love your soft coloring of the bird in a basket!

Julie Koerber said...

Love the Snoopy card. That's just darlin'! Got a surprise for you on my blog today! Just wanted you to know!! :-)

Staci M. said...

OK, now I know your surgery date, so I can get prepared to pray for you, etc.! :)
Those cards are cute! I love the Snoopy stamps. Got any Woodstock? He's my favorite.
Thanks for the mention about my handwriting. You are too kind!
On the 2nd card, I could see a little ribbon loop or ends off the top left of your focal point image. That might work.

Su Davis said...

WOW - the snoopy card is really gorgeous and so cute. If you don't get him out very often, why not make a batch up?
Praying for you in the run up to your surgery and hoping today is a much better day than yesterday.

Brown English Muffin said...

Your cards are awesome!!! I love them...they inspire me...I try to make cards but they never ever come out as good as these!!!