Monday, March 3, 2008

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

to submit your request email me at
Don't forget the young people.
Continue to send me their names (or yours) so that they can be added to the list.
Remember to leave a comment as a way to encourage all those on the list.**If you've been on a previous list, please email with your update.Check back on last months post for the previous details and requests, I'm only including updates and new requests this month.
Sara: My friend from MI is still going thru treatment for acute myeloid leukemia. One of the answers to prayer was they found a 100 % bone marrow match in her sister. Her sister's pre-transplant testing starts today. She will be arriving in Ann Arbor on March 6th for pre-transplant training. Pray for health, childcare arrangements, and courage/peace during this process. The transplant is scheduled for March 13th.
Jacki (that's me): My skin is a little better, but with all the other things going on, I haven't had a chance to find a dermatologist. I guess I never mentioned the date because several have asked. My surgery is scheduled for April 9th. My mother will be here for 10 days.
Mary (seamom) submits this request:Will you add my husband's cousin to your prayer list? Her name is Lori Terranova and she lives in RI. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and will have her 3rd chemo treatment on Thursday. Pray for physical healing, and that God will use this to draw her to His side.Thank you, Jacki.
Dot has asked us to pray for Dawn: Could you add a friend of mine to the prayer list that I am trying to help?! She is a new Christian and is struggling with past drug and drinking problems that keep waiting to draw her back to her former way of life. I am trying to walk along side of her and guide her by example and thru time we spend together. The struggles she is having is putting a huge strain on her relationship with her daughter who is only 9 years old and her daughter's father who she lives with. Their situation is a mess. But thru counseling at church and people trying to come along side of them, and lots of prayer hopefully the situation will come together in a Christ pleasing way.


Sarosa said...

So good to have a request in the middle of business to pray. I think as Christians, prayer is about the highest calling we have, more important than any ministry label we might carry...

Trena in Naperville said...

I love this about your website and you!!! I'm praying for all those you have on your list, and more. God Bless you.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Colleen said...

Continuing prayers for all in need, whether they are listed here or not.