Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Double Brown Delivery

Look at what came today!? Mr. Brown left two boxes on my doorstep. I'm busy getting ready to leave for my coloring class tonight and I can't stop to open it.

I'll be coming straight home and I'm sure I won't sleep tonight once I get them open .

I'm sorry, what, did you say? What's in the boxes? Oh, well I guess I should tell you why I'm so frustrated and excited all at the same time. One of the boxes is from Kentucky. One of my dear online friends told me to look out for something from her.

The other (bigger) box is from Hero Arts!
Well, my five minutes is up, I've got to go!


Su Davis said...

Oh Jacki - you will have fun with both of them tommorrow. I can't wait to see your HA stuff and what you do with them!


Deb said...

Jacki, Hope you are not disappointed (if that brown box is the one I sent you) because I had no idea the UPS shop would put it in such a BIG box! But, regardless of the box size, the love and prayers sent with it are bigger than that! Deb S.

Princess Jacki j said...

I know it was from you and I am not disappointed. NO WAY!!! Besides I now have a lifetime supply of packing peanuts. LOL

The CD holder is magnificent! It took my breath away. I love your work and I wish I could see it more often. The way I see it is you either get a blog, or you have to send me a card at least once a week?? OK???

Deb, Thank You, Thank YOU!!!!!