Tuesday, March 4, 2008

D is for Die Cut and E is for Eyelets.

I've been playing with the Cricut again (finally) AND eyelets. I meant to do the D challenge last week but that Leap Year challenge consumed all of my free time. This week, I decided to do a double.

This is a A2 Gatefold card made by K and Company. The game controller,basketball, and car key (Quickutz) done with the Big Shot.

This is also A2. The card is made from Prismatics Textured Cardstock.

I don't know why I made this one. I guess I did because I could. The boy* wants me to make one for his bedroom door. I think I need one for mine too!
Did I tell you that I often refer to my oldest son as "the boy". I know it's horrible, but after three girls and having grown up with 4 sisters and no brothers, I didn't know what to do with a boy ;). Anyway when the second boy came along we started calling him "the other boy". Nobody's feeling are hurt. My boys know that I love them, but that I'm odd and they love me for my 'oddness'
This is a Die Cuts with a View 5 inch square embossed card.

Strange isn't it? 4 cards with no stamps and no coloring? Must be the migraine I had this morning... Oh, my bad. The HB card has 'happy birthday'(stampola) stamped.

I have a coloring class tonight I need to go and make up the booklet.


Kimberly said...

Nice cards! I struggle with all things 'manly' when cardmaking or scrapping so I appreciate getting new ideas! thanks

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hmmm, the whole "boy" story is just as strange when I read it...as it was when you TOLD me about it,Hee hee. Whatever works, my friend...whatever works!

By the way, I LOVE the cards. You're so talented.

Mary O.K. said...

Love the "The Boy"/"The Other Boy" story! We call our daughter "The Child"-- even though she's almost 20... When she asks when she's going to get a new name, we tell her "Never." (That's the same phrase she used on us when we asked her at age 2½ when she was going to start using the potty.)

Kids can sure bring out the weirdness in a person, can't they??? Thanks for the laugh!

Su Davis said...

Great cards again and you have just reminded me, I promised a neighbour I would do an 18 card for her grandson (but I do have until June to remember again!) So thanks for the reminder and lovely inspiration, I'll go check out my sizzix dies.
I think 'the boy' is a cute phrase! I love family terms of endearements. We often call our son 'Benj' and yet I hate it if anyone else shortens his name!

Juanita B said...

I love "the boy" story. I remember when Bill Cosby referred to Theo that way, it's so funny.

You cards are FABULOUS, I can't believe your creations were done after a bout with your head feeling like it's been struck by lightning! Great work and TFS.

Princess Jacki j said...

You know Juanita, that must be where it came from. We watched The Huxtables 24/7 around here. My grandmother would just say girl or boy when she was talking to you, but the boy must have come from Bill Cosby.