Wednesday, February 27, 2008

March Michaels Classes

I'm doing my first Crop and Stamp this Saturday. If you will be in the Atlanta area this Saturday and want to join me, shoot me an email and I'll give you directions to the store.
I'm also doing my Stamping in Color ( color pencils for rubber stampers) This is an introduction class. I teach many techniques with Prismacolor pencils. The concept of this class is I show you what the pencils can do and you go and practice the ones that interests you. This class will be taught twice this month.
Stamping in Color Two will be held later this month for those who have been thru the intro class and want to spend more time on a couple of techniques.
And finally, I'm teaching the Cheaper By the Dozen Workshop. Each month you get to make 12 cards ( 4 each of 3 designs) while learning a new tool or technique. This month we will use the Cricut in our cardmaking. We will be making cards like >this<.
Again, if you want to come on down to Atlanta, lmk ( and I'll give you directions to my store.
Edited to Add: Thanks Dot! I am thinking about doing a video class, I think. Any ideas?


Dot said...

Hi Jacki!

For those of us not in the Atlanta area, are you going to post any of the class pointers?! I wish I lived closer, especially since the weather isn't being very nice here!! (I'm in the Chicagoland area.)

Take Care,

Dot said...

A video class sounds great Jacki!!

Dot :)

Juanita B said...

This sounds like so much fun let alone educational and fulfilling. Do they every send you to different stores??? We have two they could send you to right here in Columbus, Ohio, LOL.

Su Davis said...

Hi - a video class sounds great - I would certainly be interested in that (as I was reading the class details thinking, I would love to attend but you are just a bit too far for me to pop by for a class! LOL)

Staci M. said...

OK, so last I heard, Michael's discontinued all classes. Are you able to use their space and do "your own thing"? That would be great! I know I probably missed something here, but I wish you LOTS of luck & success with these classes and, of course, I'm jealous that I can't attend!

jacki j. said...

Staci, the March schedule has been distributed since the begining of February so basically they gave us thirty days notice.