Friday, October 26, 2007

Coloring Class at Michaels.

Thanks for your kind comments on the last post. I love to color, and hopefully I'm getting better each time.
Thanks Nise. She mentioned the spot where I've been taking my pictures lately. I think this spot is working for me too--except for one thing. I can only take the photos in the afternoon when it's fairly sunny. Thanks for mentioning it. oooh...Speaking of the sun, it's shining right now and we haven't seen much of it over the last few afternoons. I have a stack of things to photograph... oh snap, that's right, my camera isn't here. Tomorrow, tomorrow....

Back to The Coloring Class...
I thought I would show you a little of my booklet for my class called Stamping In Color. I'm hoping to make this the first class in a series of coloring classes. The first class this week was color pencil techniques. I introduced several techniques for Prismacolor pencils stressing the fact that I was introducing these techniques and that they would have to practice. We covered a lot in 2 hours. To help them remember them all, I created a booklet on the computer.
Sarosa, you will be proud to know that I finally used my Bind It All!

I printed the title in outline so that the letters could be colored in too.

On this page, we talked about designing the card and choosing the paper colors before coloring the image.

When they arrived, I gave them an image to color. Then at the end, they would color the same image using one of the technique they learned, and hopefully seeing an improvement.

What does it say about the teacher when the students' examples come out BETTER than the teacher's??? These are the images colored by Sandy and Rosita using the Magic Color Pencil technique. My example is ... somewhere... I didn't take a picture of it. This is a technique I am not crazy about (yet), but I wanted to show it in the class as another option.

The next class will be Watercolors (pencils, crayons, and a pallet) for Rubber Stampers.


Kathy W said...

Oh, wow, I wish I were available for your class. There are so many things that are appealing...first, I love the little books you prepared and the exercise of a before and after coloring task. From this you get a chance as an instructor to see what skills your students are coming in with, and you also see what they have learned with you and the technique. Students will feel successful and/or are able to get helpful feedback from you on what they can go home and practice. From their "after" drawing, you can help them set a new small goal for the week. Thanks for sharing about your classes. I tend not to take classes because I feel insecure about my art skills and feel that most of the classes at craft stores are more geared for those who know what they are doing...and I'm a teacher myself so I should know better! But, still, that insecurity shines through...Have been thinking of you a lot lately as I progress through relocation in a new state. Haven't met very many new people yet, but the ones I have met are extremely kind and helpful.

jacki j. said...

Kathy email me.

KardKrazy said...

Jacki, Michael's is very luck to have you on their staff. The Michaels (three for four) in my area offer nothing like this at all. It's a fantastic book and the class sounds so good.

Elizabeth V. said...

I wish you could come teach at my Michaels...what a great class. I suspect it's too far of a drive for you to make the commute (Los Angeles)! Thanks for inspiring us!

Staci M. said...

Wow!!! That would be an excellent class to take! I could use the ideas & practice, that's for sure! You are TOTALLY giving Michael's their money's worth! I hope they pay for all of your time & the little books you made, etc.

Sarosa said...

Sniff. Sob. I want to come to your class! (Whine, whine).


Wow, Jacki, you are quite an asset to that store!

Congrats on using the bind-it-all! I'm playing with it once again ... those journals, that were so much work and I half hoped would sell ... well, they're selling! I gave my friend five for her store and she sold two in a week! Am I happy or sad??? Ah well, happy binding!

Kimberly said...

Jacki this looks so great, wish I could sit in on your classes! luv your booklet for this!