Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Leap Year Challenge and Contest Week Three

I promise you I didn't intentionaly set out to prolong this blog candy for the sake of suspense. I wanted to end on Leap Day and I wanted to give you enough time to do a card AND I had no idea what to give away as a prize. I want the prize to be desirable and not cost me a fortune to ship. As I organize,and I come across something that fits both categories, I take a picture and add it to the pile. If you have any suggestions, send me a quick email. I think this final week will be something exclusive and maybe hand crafted? Maybe a full sheet of unmounted stamps? A gift card?

Look at your unused stamps. Be inspired! ( I borrowed that from Dawn)

So far we have three entries for the contest. You still have 10 days left to get your entry in. Click >here< to take you back to the contest description which is where you need to provide your link.

I'm posting this early so that the subscribers will see it on Tuesday too. I'll add the picture as soon as the sun comes up.
Edited To Add (ETA) Feedblitz didn't pick it up last night. I'll have to remember that for next week. But here are the pictures of the prizes I've added for this week.

For the longest un-unsed stamps, this weeks addition is pre-embossed square note cards complete with colorful envelopes.

For Best Card (which will be won by popular vote) I'm adding to the starbucks Gift card and magnetic snaps....

~photos to use in your card making... These are photos taken by me and altered in a digital imaging program.

~Jolee's photo corners, rub on foil,

~and last but not least for this week is two handmade creations. Both of these items were made with a heavy water color paper and colored with water color pencils. The rose box is a good size for a gift card. The tulip portfolio holds a set of 10 or 12 note sized cards with envelopes. I'll have to include some of the tulip images so that you can create your own cards to fill it.


Juanita B said...

What wonderful goodies!!! I hope I get to enter something, TFS and being so genorous. Your work is outstanding and such a blessing to me.

Juanita B said...

I really, really, really hate when I misspell words. It's one of my idiosyncrasies. Genorous should be generous in my last post. Sorry.