Friday, February 8, 2008

I knew it!

I just heard from Cheryl McVeigh of Onyx Impressions. Those lemons were familiar after all and drawn by April Pederson just as I thought. I first became familiar with her work at Biblical Impressions and I have many stamps by her from other companies as well. Thanks Cheryl for confirming it.

I don't have anything finished to show today because instead of finishing my Salt challenge and mailbox for the bus driver, I have a leak in the ceiling--above the Card Castle!!! You know how when you are reorganizing, there's a period where it looks much worse before it's transformed into it's beauty? I was in that period. I have stuff everywhere! Right now I'm going into "just move it so it doesn't get wet mode" so I can't just put it back away. I don't know when "they" will get in here and fix it. (bleh) I was hoping to get to some pictures about organizing soon. Oh well. Flexibility is a gift right??
I had a list of house things to do today anyway, and this wasn't in the plans....

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