Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14th, 2008

I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day.
It's been almost a year since I started on blogger with >this post< about the price of Valentine's Day cards. I just thought I would point that out in case you weren't with me this time last year and you are a card maker. You never know when you might need to justify your spending on card making supplies.

I filled my mailboxes at the very last minute last night, even though I started way early. I should have finished them when I worked in my room all day the other day, but I didn't. I wonder what is up with that??? I took these pictures before the "girl" boxes were completely done, because I needed the light. I may replace the pictures later...

This first one is for daughter number two (who happens to be a blogger now)

And this is for my third daughter. This is my least favorite box. I did add ribbon to the flag, but I'm not happy with my choice of colors for the coloring.

This box rounds out my five pack. My youngest son tolerates basketball, likes golf and tennis, but loves video games. I didn't have any video game paper so he got golf.

They all liked what was in their boxes which is why I made them I guess.

On a Personal Note:
My freshman in college is considering transfering to a college closer to us. Not because it's closer, but they have a better program in her major. Although, closer is good for me because it would prevent me from having days like today, where I spend almost 5 hours on the road when she needs to come home. Please pray with her that she will make the decision based on what God's will is for her life. We are visiting the "new" college tomorrow.


Janine said...

These are fabulous !!! I love all the cupcakes... what fun !

beth said...

where's my box? lol :) i love it and i love you! hopefully we'll see you soon...

marciad said...

Terrific mailboxes. Your daughter will make the right decision. She is getting the best help there is--her family and G-d.

Sarosa said...

I love the embossed cupcakes! You know, I tend to think of embossing as something to add elegance; I think I need to broaden my horizons!

I'm praying for your daughter ... college is a critical time in a child's spiritual life.

austin said...

Your mail boxes are gorgeous!

I'm keeping you and your daughter in my prayers.

Diane said...

Jacki, I LOVE your blog. Your creations are gorgeous. Love these mailboxes, but your card art farther down is stunning. I love your style.

I found you on Dini's blog under the CSSC banner. I'm making a list of links for all of us on my blog and it will up and running in a day or two. You can go there to copy if you'd like.

So glad I found you. Love the princess...child of the King of Kings designation! AMEN!

Sharon in NE said...

I understand completely. I'm afraid my daughter who was so close to the Lord, now is starting to make decisions with her own heart and if I comment otherwise, she is quick to change the subject. Only prayer can change those things. Oh life.

Jay said...

These are so much fun, Jacki! Very creative! Great inspiration.

You've been named for an Excellent Blog Award. See my blog for more details--no worries, no personal info needed. :-)