Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thanks so much!

to those of you who answered so far! I'll continue to work on that tutorial and the organizational tips. If you haven't answered yet, please go to the previous post and answer the 4 questions.

Click here for the post with the details about this card.


For those interested in the challenges. You are behind. LOL. I already started my ABC Challenge with A is for Alphabet stamps. My reasons for starting this challenge in the first place was to identify the stuff I have and don't use often (if ever). You can make a card with Alphabet stamps like I did or choose something else that starts with an A that you need to use from your collection. ( When you complete your A card, please leave a comment with a link to it on this post.)

Coming soon: Also look around your stamp collection and see if you can identify the stamp or stamps that have been in your collection the longest and had never* been used. If you are like me and I consider myself somewhat of a pack rat -- I mean nostalgic collector-- this is your contest. You are going to need to make a card with it and there will be candy involved. I'll post the details in a few days.
*I'm going to qualify this for my own benefit. If you've used it to make an index or just stamped it on paper to see what it looks like---that doesn't count as being used. You would have had to make a card or some other completed project.
On a Personal Note:
I'm up to my eyeballs in clothes that these boys can't fit anymore so I'm headed back upstairs to get them ready to be donated. ( They are growing like weeds-- and the younger one is almost as big as the older one and they are 3 years apart!!!)
I also have a few things that I really want to get to the post office in the morning. Have a blessed evening and Choose Joy, Jacki

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Kathy W said...

Very cute thank you card. I found several stamps that I bought *many* years ago that have never seen ink. I discovered them as I was unpacking into my new space; I guess I forgot that they were a part of my collection!