Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Polymer Clay stuff

This was all done the day after that class we took weeks ago. I forgot to post them.

My aluminum foil filled snowman.

Daughter's snowflake

Daughter's flower

My card sized flowers

my flower leftovers (from this flower)

I've got a busy day ahead of me. My son's "gifted" class party is today. It dawned on me last night(because he reminded me) that we need this teacher's gift today(and not Friday like the rest). I'm putting the final touches on her gift right now. Ok. not right now, but as soon as I finish typing.
I've also been running around with Dr/Dentist/eye exams for the college girls. We've got to get caught up while they are at home. Both my older girls have one perfect eye and one that needs help-- but in opposite eyes. Is that strange?
I'm going to have to wait until after the holidays for my eye exam. Part of my problem is old age. I've always had very weak reading glasses( since I was a teenager), but since I was 39 and 11/12ths, my reading glasses are a necessity. They say you will start to need reading glasses at 40, right? Of course I couldn't even enjoy that last month of my 39th year. These days I really think I need bifocals. I'm starting to have problems all the time. Ok, that's my whining quotient for today. I'll take pictures of my latest cards this afternoon and maybe post later too. If not, I'll post tomorrow. Tomorrow is a home day for me.(Yippee) No appointments, just working on stuff around here. I'll be finishing up my teacher gifts then.

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Sharon in NE said...

I see you passed on your artistic talents. That was nice of you. :D Enjoy your time with your family.