Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm Thankful!

This is my journal... it just happens to be online.... and you can see it... so bear with me, ok? Anyway, I can't let this day end without talking about a few of things that happened today that I am truly grateful for. Counting my blessings...( I think I have that stamp!)

Number 1:

I'm thankful that I went to Starbucks and I didn't get coffee. ( you're thinking...Yup she's different alright) Let me explain, I may be allergic to coffee AND every health professional I've seen in the last three years has told me that coffee was a no no for various reasons. AND I did quit a year ago.. actually it is almost to the day-- I think it was the 10th of December. This morning as I was doing that long drive to pick up my daughter from college, I was very sleepy. And right there in front of me was a big Starbucks sign. I decided to stop in and almost convinced myself that one coffee a year wouldn't hurt. But I flicked that little devil off the left shoulder, the little angel reminded me that I gave that coffee drinking struggle to God last year. I did go into Starbucks but I bought tea, because I really needed a little caffeine. I'm so grateful because I didn't get coffee(unless you count all the extra deep breaths I took in just to smell that wonderful aroma) and I don't have had to start my count down all over again. I would probably be really itchy right about now if I had not resisted the temptation.
Number 2:
Last week I broke my favorite reading glasses. I went back to office Max that same day, but they didn't have that style in my strength. They were my favorite because they were my only non-dorky pair-- you know, the ones I wear when I'm out in public. Anyway, we stopped in the Office Max in college town and they had them!! Wohoo. I'm still a dork, but at least I don't have to look like one in public. ;)
Number 3:
The thing with the Dentist's office is all worked out. I thought I was going to have to get ugly, but I went in prayerfully and God intervened and worked it out. I've been praying about it and my neighbor prayed at the bus stop. My first call today, was disappointing but I stopped in there on my way to work this afternoon. Here's what happened. I'm used to having to approve of services that are over and above a normal check up. This is the first office I've been to that considered the Panoramic X ray a part of a regular comprehensive 1st visit. The Panoramic X ray is something the insurance company will only pay for once every three years. My son had one done at the orthodontist last year so the insurance company isn't going to pay for one now -- and no one asked me. They assumed because the crazy insurance company didn't have the data available that it hadn't been done.( you know what happens when you assume, right?) Immediately upon finding out that they did it, I mentioned that they should have asked me. The 12 year old could have told them too, but they didn't ask him. As expected, the claim was denied by the insurance company. I didn't think I should have had to pay for it. Besides I don't like people radiating my children w/o asking me. After going back and forth with one person yesterday, I was able to talk to someone today who assured me that things didn't go as they should have and that they will adjust for that charge. (whew) Thank God for His favor and grace. I wasn't going to pay for it, and I'm glad it didn't get ugly. I don't know if you remember me mentioning it here but this dentist's office was one of the bright spots that I've had in this whole move. -- and I still feel that way.
Number 4: My 18 year old is home after a successful 1st semester in college! The week she received many cards from all of you was a turning point for her!! Thanks again!!

There's more, but I'm too tired to go on now. and I'll add in the pictures in the morning. I saved the Starbucks cup as a souvenir. ;)

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