Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Still Thankful!

This is a continuation of my post last night( I'm Thankful).

Number 5:

The Basket!!!

I had been looking at these baskets since I first stepped into this Michaels over the summer. the colors were perfect for me, but I didn't want to pay $24.99. The sales and the coupons would come and go and I kept putting it off. Finally, one Tuesday night when I was there,they put them on clearance-- fall merchandise 70% off. I figured since they had so many, I could wait until payday. I didn't work that Friday and totally forgot to come back. Evidently everybody else had the same idea, because when I did go back they were all gone. ---ALL, every last one of them, every shape and size. I was soooo disappointed! And then, I was in the store last Tuesday and happened to go into the bathroom. I never go in that bathroom at Michaels, but there was my basket filled with scented pine cones. I say my basket because there were several shapes and sizes lined with this fabric, and this is the one I wanted. I asked about it tonight and they sold it to me at the 70% off price. I am very thankful and happy about that right now.

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Staci M. said...

Either you totally lucked out, or someone is really smiling down on you, Miss Jones!!! I'm totally surprised they didn't just give it to you for FREE!!