Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving RAK and more

This beautiful card is from Deb Singleton one of my new friends because of this blog and Gingerwood.
I don't have a card of my own because I haven't had time to make cards in the last few days. I've actually been cleaning for the most part. And we finally have cable. (whew)
I'm also trying to get everybody caught up with appointments. I took the girls for eye check ups today. Turns out the 18 year old has Amblyopia. The good eye has been over compensating so the fact that she had a problem at all went undetected until recently. She has been having migraines for years. We actually had a CT scan done on her when she was 7 or 8 in attempt to figure out why she was having migraines. She did fine on the vision screening so we didn't take for for an eye exam. 18 is really late to detect this problem for the first time. I feel so bad! She has to wear a contact in that eye or glasses all the time.
Anyway, I still have to get my Thanksgiving grocery shopping done and be back in time to take the same daughter to the dentist later today.
Sigh... I really need a good stamping session. I just may get something finished tonight to post tomorrow on my 2 year Blog-iversay celebration! Have a blessed day, and thanks Deb for sending me that beautiful card. It'll be displayed my foyer table, starting now....

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