Thursday, November 1, 2007

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

November Requests:
to submit your request email me at
Don't forget the young people. Continue to send me their names (or yours) so that we can add them to our list.

Remember to leave a comment as a way to encourage those we are praying for. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Marcia: Let's continue to pray for her as she grieves the loss of her husband who passed away in October. She is also undergoing cancer treatment herself. Let's lift her up in her grief and for pray for her healing also.
Kelly: My sister's name is Tanice and she is currently going through the diagnosis process for Inflammatory breast cancer, please pray for perfect test results and complete healing. She has an appointment for tests on Nov. 6th
Jacki: I have a family member dealing with breast cancer right now. Currently undergoing radiation treatments daily after working all day. Pray for stamina and healing.
A sick daughter of a friend needs our prayers. She was diagnosed with a disease that among other things has her in a lot of pain. Would you pray for relief from the pain?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Jackie: Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer! Her mom does NOT have cancer. They found out recently after two months of praying and worrying about a misdiagnosis from a careless Doctor. Jackie shared that God used that time to minister to the entire family. God works it all together for our good.


Tanny said...

I've just read and stopped to lift up the prayer requests. Also a prayer for you, Jacki, regarding medical issues and thanks for providing this forum.


jacki j. said...

thanks Tanny for your faithfulness! and for remembering me.