Monday, October 22, 2007

Raks for my daughter

ETA: Her Response

hello gingerwood ladies!

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful cards. :) It was really exciting to get a mailbox full of mail everyday for a while. College is getting better now that I've changed rooms and roomates, I've met some really cool girls whose rooms are near my new one. Thanks again they really meant a lot to me :)

Jillana Jones

Last week, I posted a RAK request for my daughter in college over on the Gingerwood Board. I've responded to RAK requests before, but I haven't requested one before. Because of that, I hadn't thought about it from the receiving end before. But, I was overwhelmed at the response.
I respond when I have an extra card or a few minutes to make one, but I do it without giving it a second thought. I guess it just doesn't seem like what I'm doing is a big deal. Well let me tell you, it is a big deal and I will remember that when I have the chance to bless a stranger with that simple act of kindness again.
This weekend, she brought home the ones she's received so far. At first she was leery when she received a package from someone she didn't know. She called me and I explained that I mentioned to some friends that she needed mail. A couple of days later, she asked" Did you tell these people I was depressed or something??? I got at least 10 cards today!" She is amazed that you would take time to make and send cards to her. She particularly got a kick out of this card, because she knows "Mrs. Staci" and her daughter. Staci wasn't aware of the RAK request, but she read on my blog where I mentioned that she never gets mail. Staci sent a card and a drawing from her daughter and some gift certificates from McDonald's.

This card is from Staci and the beautiful artwork from her daughter. Don't worry Staci, she didn't lick it.

This one came with a gratitude journal from Louise. I'll post a picture of it when she emails it to me.

From Vivian

Sandie 944

Jo Zemke

Jodie Sylvester

Connie Pruitt

Marie Travers

Deb Singleton

Wanda Gebhardt



Ladies, if you meant to brighten her day, mission accomplished! Thanks for encouraging her. Thanks for allowing God to use you to bless me.

I'll post anymore that she receives here when she sends me the pictures.
Be Blessed today! and Choose Joy!


Flossie's Follies said...

How wonderful, they are all fantastic, sure it brightened her day and I guess scared her a little, but now that she knows her mother put her name out there, she will be prepared.

Staci M. said...

Wow! Those are certainly some wonderful cards! No, I had NO IDEA that you'd put out an RAK request for just popped into my head that I could send her some "happy mail". Guess she got a lot!! Did the other girls in the dorm wonder what was going on?