Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cookie Jar Sketch Challenge

I thought I would participate in the Cookie Jar challenge with my new smART works stamps. After months of hearing Dina rave about smARTworks and months of checking out Susan's blog and even knowing 2 people on the design team, I still hadn't bought any smART works stamps. I bought the catalog back in March, but I couldn't narrow down my wish list. Just when I thought I had it narrowed down, she started advertising about the new supplement. There were several pages of new stuff that appealed to me. It was like a kid in a candy store, I wanted them all! That was about the time we moved... I've had a lot going on since then so it was easier not to decide... do you know what I mean? I finally decided the other day to just pick a dollar amount and go down the list and get a couple stamp sets that I can use right now. This is one of the sets. I reasoned that I could get more use out of this set this time of year, than the Mother's Day set. Makes sense? I also chose a really cool monogram alphabet. I'm hoping to make a few monogram note card sets to give as gifts. I still need the giraffe set.

Anyway, these cards are based on Dina's sketch. I grabbed the same Basic Grey paper collection that Trish used in her card, because I figured it would go with my Thanksgiving theme.

Update on a personal note: I saw the Cardiologist today and off course, my heart didn't do the funny irregular beat thing when he was listening, so, he sent me home with a Holter monitor. Hopefully, after they review the tape, he will be able to diagnose it. I know they are also running blood tests to check my blood sugars and thyroid function. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.


Trish D said...

Very nice cards - great paper, too ;) I like the way you've used the fruit as an accent.

Monica said...

Hi Jacki! I had to wear a holter for 24 hrs. because of an irregular heartbeat. The diagnosis? I'm a woman of a certain age, for which irregular heartbeats is common. The end. Oh well, at least it was a relief to know I wasn't about to have a heart attack, as I'd feared.

Good luck with your diagnosis! The cards are pretty. :)