Saturday, October 13, 2007

"The Celebration Continues!"

I received this card with a sweet note inside on Friday from Melody (a Gingerwoodie).
I love this ribbon card and how the card matches the ribbon. I love how the swirly background that simulates a leafy habitat. I love the color scheme. ( there's no purple in it, am I allowed to love it??? lol) Great Card Melody! Thanks. I never mind "late"birthday cards. I think I invented that, didn't I? I should start a club or something.... PWEBCO "People Who Extend the Birthday Celebrations of Others" I know, I know corny. Actually according to my kids, I'm wierd. I prefer to be known as "Different" thank you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, sign me up for that club!! I could be a charter member.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jacki, how sweet of you! I'm always gratified when someone likes my cards! In this case, I found the ribbon at Wal-Mart and let myself be inspired by Mrs.C (on Gingerwood) and her 'little lady' cards! As to being late, it's a family tradition at our house!! Aunt Lois started it!