Monday, October 1, 2007

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

October Requests:
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Remember to leave a comment to let them know you are praying.

Young adults:
Some of us are getting to the age where our children are becoming adults. The problems and trials have left the potty training and terrible twos stages. These young people are dealing with serious life issues and making life changing choices. I would like for us to begin to pray for them, together. Let's start the list here at the top of the prayer post. If you have a son or daughter, niece, nephew, or someone close to you that you want added to the list, let me know. No need to leave their story here, just a name or just your name would do.

Marcia: After a courageous fight with cancer, her husband passed away last Friday. She is also undergoing cancer treatment herself. Let's lift her up in her grief and for pray for her healing also.
Jacki: Please pray for my freshman daughter in college. She is dealing with some pretty deep roommate issues. UPDATE: She's moved rooms and now has a new roommate. Issue resolved. She talked and worked everything out with the 'old' roommate before moving so that that girl could room with her friend. Prayers answered! whew!!
Kelly: (10/1) My sister's name is Tanice and she is currently going through the diagnosis process for Inflammatory breast cancer, please pray for perfect test results and complete healing.
Jacki: I have a family member dealing with breast cancer right now. She recently had two surgeries and will go thru further treatment after she heals from the surgeries.
Donna: Please pray for a previous student who has got a scholarship for college. She is terrified and we are afraid she might back out of this wonderful opportunity.
UPDATE: Response from Donna. She is IN college!! It all worked out and we are thrilled.
Jacki: A sick daughter of a friend needs our prayers. She was diagnosed with a disease that among other things has her in a lot of pain. Would you pray for relief from the pain?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Deb: As she contemplates God's will in a possible job change, pray that she will hear the Lord's voice very clearly. Pray that she won't fret or be anxious.
UPDATE: Continue to pray as this thing has not completely played out yet. So far she is very peaceful about it.
Another Update: Hi, Jacki! Just to let you know I did not get the job I interviewed for. I'm a little disappointed, but not too much. I really feel like this was an exercise in obedience and trust. Was I willing to walk through the doors as God opened them?,etc. So, I think I learned a lot just going through this experience!

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Sharon in NE said...

Its so good to be able to lift each and everyone up in prayer. I am thankful when I read the updates and see how God has provided an answer. We know that when God doesn't answer the way we think He should, He is doing something even better. Faith does not ask for explanations. I especially keep Marcia in my prayers after the loss of her husband. God provided the ultimate healing, a perfect body, but we miss their earthly presence. I understand. I will continue to pray for your healing too Marcia.
Jacki, your children are also in my prayers, especially your son's educational needs. We were fortunate to have a public Montessori school which addresses different style of learning/testing, particularly in intelligent children. Thank you again for offering this post. (:) big hug