Sunday, September 30, 2007

Magazines everywhere!

I came down to the basement the other day to get something? I think? 2 hours later I couldn't remember what brought me down here, but I had been agonizing over these magazines. I have to make some decisions and get rid of so many that I have been hoarding for eight or nine years. The only solution I could come up with was to figure out what amount of space I wanted to dedicate to magazine storage and them sort thru and purge. That was easier said than done.

I started looking thru the stack of Rubber Stampers(--and it's a good thing I did) because I found a couple of issues that I 'd been published in. I have been meaning to separate those issues for years.... so that's done now. I realized while browsing thru that I miss some of the features that they've eliminated over the years. Remember Cin-cerely? There was a column on the last page of each issue written by Cindy Johnson. ( I wonder what happened to her? I think I'll send an email over and inquire). She wrote about her life and how it related to stamping. -- sounds like what we do with the blogs. After I flipped thru the entire magazine looking at the pictures the first time and back thru looking for familiar names, I would sit and read her column. I can't get rid of my Rubber Stampers until I've re-read all her columns. So that leaves me with a stack of TRS dating back to December 1999 to go thru. Aside from the ones I'm published in, I'm going to devote one magazine holder to them. I have enough for at least three.

I have every issue of Scrapbooks Etc. --at least three or four magazine holder's worth. I can't get rid of them until I peek in each one for favorite layouts and articles. I have to get that pile down to one holder also.

And then there is Simple Scrapbooks. I stumbled onto the premier issues in Michaels several years ago. I remember that Stacy Julian has a book called Simple Scrapbooks from the publishers of Creating Keepsakes. I hadn't gotten it yet, but I agree with her philosophy. So I was attracted to the magazine, and subscribed right away. I haven't missed and issue since. Can I do one holder of this magazine?

And then there is Creating Keepsakes.They have been published 12 times a year for a few years now, so I don't even want to talk about that stack. It is one of the first that I have so I know it dates back to 1998 or 1999.

I won't bore you with a story about each title, but I also get (or used to get) The Artist Magazine, Paper Crafts, Paper Works which is now Gift Maker, Card Maker, Simply Beads, Today's Creative Home Arts, Paper Kuts, Better Homes and Gardens and Family Fun. I occasionally purchased Scrap and Stamp Arts from back when it was Stamping Arts and Crafts. There are more... Stamp It and Stamp It Cards, Just Cards, Take Ten, Bead and Button, Bead Style, Bead Work, Memory Makers. And then there are the ones that I purchased at least once-- Scrapbooking & Beyond, Scrapbooking & Beyond presents Paper Creations, Paper & Embroidery, Woman's Day Scrapbooking & Keepsakes and Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts, Mary Englebreit's Home Companion, Somerset Studio, The Stamper's Sampler, Art Jewelry, Paper Made Easy, and finally Crafts n Things. There are also countless special issues that I picked up at the grocery or big chain stores. My favorite is Card Fashion from the Paper Crafts or Stamp It people. The bad thing is not that I've bought all these magazines over the course of 8 or so years, but that I still have them all-- and I've moved them at least three times for some of them! If I ever get thru the piles, I'm going to give away the ones that don't fit into my space.

If you want any, please let me know!!!

ETA: in light of the news of The Rubber Stamper being sold and discontinued, I probably won't get rid of TRS for now.


Island Girl said...


I had to laugh when I read of your predicament, I've been there too! It's difficult to get rid of perfectly good magazines, even though you know that you probably won't read most of them again. I had that problem when I moved from the States to Belize. What to keep? What to bring? Ahhhhh! My name is Stephanie by the way and I live on an island named Ambergris Caye here in Belize. Now my problem is different . . . 50 lb. luggage limits! Magazines are hot commodities here, because they are 16 Belizean dollars here ($8 U.S.) and the minimum wage is $2.50 Belize ($1.25 U.S.), so you can see why. I've created some journaling and scrapbooking addicts here and we're always looking for inspiration, so if you'd like to find a nice home for them, we'd love them. I have to fly to the Florida every 2 months for an appointment, so I could have you mail them to my Grandparent's house so that the shipping isn't so much and I'll reimburse you and take them on the plane back home with me (you'd be amazed how many magazines you can fit in a carry-on! LOL). Email me and we'll talk. BTW, love your blog.



Tanny said...

This is why I've narrowed my subscriptions down to one stamp magazine. I only subscribe to Vamp Stamp News. I do occasionally purchase some of the others if they have an issue that appeals to me, but I don't subscribe!
I also get a couple tea magazines, but at the end of the subscription I will drop one.

barb said...

Hi! I know I'm kinda late with this, but I'm interested in some of the mags that you want to get rid of, if you still have them. My mom and I are magazine-a-holics (is that a word?) Email me and I'd be happy to make arrangements to get some of them to Delaware.



jacki j. said...

Stephanie and Barb, I'll be in touch.