Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anybody Wanna Pray With Me?

September Prayer Requests

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Jacki: pray for my voice, nervousness, remembering the songs, and safe travel
I will be singing this Sunday( 9 / 9). My husband was invited to sing and has asked me to join him. Some of you know that I lost my voice a few years ago. I bruised my vocal chords and had to stop teaching, and singing, and to a certain extent, even talking. God chose to heal me and I am returning to ministry with my husband this Sunday. In general, I don't want anything about me to be distracting as God ministers thru me.
The singing went well. I wasn't nervous (visibly) as I had been in the past. I was very aware that I was singing for my Savior. Thanks for your prayers.

Donna: Please pray for a previous student who has got a scholarship for college. She is terrified and we are afraid she might back out of this wonderful opportunity.

Jacki: A sick daughter needs our prayers. She was diagnosed with a disease that among other things has her in a lot of pain. Would you pray for relief from the pain?
Deb: As she contemplates God's will in a possible job change, pray that she will hear the Lord's voice very clearly. Pray that she won't fret or be anxious.
UPDATED: Jackie: I made a card for Jackie a while ago because she is expecting her second child. Jackie asks prayer for her mom who was diagonosed with cancer. She is only 52 years old, and she is very scared. She has severe scoliosis, and as she has gotten older, her back has been causing her more and more pain. She finally reached the point where she couldn't stand the pain any longer, so she went to an orthopedic doctor who ordered an MRI so that they could look for any nerve damage. She got the results back yesterday, and she was told that she has cancer in her sacrum, or tailbone area of the spine. Pray for God's peace for both the mom and for Jackie. Pray that this stress won't harm Jackie's little baby.
Jackie's mom has trouble getting answers from the orthopedic doctor, so, long story short,(in Jackie's words) my mom decided to go elsewhere with her concerns, and she consulted her primary doctor who requested her original MRI notes from the orthopedic doctor that I was referring to above. After her primary doctor read the notes, he said, “While we still at this point need to completely rule out cancer, he (the orthopedic) should have never used the word cancer until he had more information or until you had gone for a second scan with the use of radioactive dye.” He told her that based on the FULL MRI report, there is a possibility that this could be related to degenerative arthritis of her lower spine. My mom has had malignant cancer in the past (uterine cancer) when she was only 30 years old, and because of her history, she will obviously need to be scanned for cancer. However, at this point in time, no doctor can say for CERTAIN that she even has cancer until more tests are done.
Please continue to pray for resolution on this issue. But praise God for this developement.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'll remember you this week and will pray that the Lord will bless many through your ministry on Sunday.