Thursday, August 16, 2007

Something Fun

I found this on Denise's blog this morning. I thought it might be fun to do. Every answer needs to start with the first letter of my first name and all the answers are the first thing that pops into my head.
Here goes:
Your Name: Jacki
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Justin Timberlake
4 Letter Word: Joke
Vehicle: Jaguar
TV Show: Just Jordan
City/Town: Jakarta
Boy Name: John
Girl Name: Jannelle
Occupation: Justice of the Peace
Something You Were: Jovial
Celebrity: Julianne Moore
Food: Jelly
Something Found In A Kitchen: Jars
Reason For Being Late: Just not fast enough
Cartoon Character: Jimmy Neutron
Something You Shout: Joy!

OK, so I cheated. For some of the prompts, I got nothing. You can probably tell which answers came from the younger generation.

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Staci M. said...

I saw that yesterday and was trying to get Jason to answer the questions...after a long time of explaining it to him, he finally got it. I'll try:
Staci, Santana, Sock, Sienna (Toyota), Sex and the City, Soweto, Sam, Shelli, Sanitation worker, Single, Sienna Miller, Snickers, Sink, Stuck in traffic, Scratchy (from Itchy & Scratchy), and Super!