Tuesday, July 3, 2007

today's theme...

Here is the truck.

Here is the kitchen...
Here is one girl's room.
and the boys room.
Here is the foyer.
Have you picked up on the theme we've got going here???

The packing is going as smoothly as packing can go. We are checking off our 'to do' list for moving.

I'm not surprised but amazed and thankful for an answer to prayer. I asked just a couple of days ago if I would ever have a lazy day this summer?? I'll take my 24 hours even if it is broken up over two days. Because of the holiday week, we actually have a day off between packing and moving. They finished packing us today, they will take off for the 4th of July holiday tomorrow, and come back Thursday morning to start loading the truck. We were so exhausted after they left at early afternoon, that we RESTED! Michael and I sat down to watch TV and instead the TV watched us! What an unexpected break! We get back to work tomorrow afternoon packing the car, but until then I am doing nothing. They unhooked my washer and dryer so I can't do laundry. Dishes are packed so I can't cook. This is almost a vacation in the true sense of the word, because all moms know vacation and rest are not synonymous.

One more picture for this post and then I'll come back with the card I assembled today.

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Kathy W said...

Totally LOL: for a mom, vacation and rest are not the same...I used to tell my DH that a wonderful gift would be to drop me off at a deserted island with a book. He was hurt by that, but solitude with a good book and no distractions meant peace and rest. I'm sure things are very stressful until you are moved, but hang in there, and I'm so glad you had a true day of rest. Smooth sailing be yours down to Georgia!