Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You Inspire Me

Artist Pig (Hambo Stamps), Papers and Plastic Frame (Heidi Grace), Prima Flowers, Flower Punch ( Martha Stewart), Circle Punches( EK Success), Cloud Scissors ( Fiskars), Prismacolor Pencils, Square Brads, Button( Bazzill)

I finally finished this card that I started a month ago, maybe?? I had half of the card figured out, but I didn't know what I wanted to do with the right side of the card until I went to Target on Monday. I took my daughter there to find a scrapbook. She wanted to do a book of her Senior year and none of the brand new scrapbooks that I already had here suited her. So I innocently went into Target so that she could look at the scrapbooking supplies because I didn't need to look at scrapbooking stuff, since I have more than I'll use in my lifetime. It was totally for her...are you believing me??(smile)
It looks like the Scrapbooking section had recently been revamped again-- a lot of new stuff since the last time I looked. One thing I did notice was the Prima Flowers. I rarely get to see them in person so, I have been able to avoid buying too many of them to add to my collection.

They had the Got Flowers milk bottles and these cute little paint cans full of flowers. At first we decided to split a can, but couldn't decide on which can, so I bought both. Each can had the smaller magnetized tin of funky chip board buttons connected to the top. It called to me "alter me!".(It would be cute with a picture in it for the fridge or file cabnet) See, I do have specific projects in mind, and that's not the problem for me. The problem is finding time to do it all.
I also made a decision to purchase Teacher Gifts this year. If you know me, that's a big BIG step for me. I've made gifts for the teachers for 14 or 15 years. I have no idea what to get so I figured a gift card would be least stressful for me. Presenting the gift card, would be something easy to work on, right?? I thought about using the paint cans I have already, but they are larger and I would have to fill the can with something so that the Gift Card doesn't look lost in them. These cans are smaller and probably a perfect way to present a gift card.
OK, I think I've sufficiently justified that purchase.
...And to finish this long story, that's where the flowers on this card came from that helped me finish this month long project!

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Staci M. said...

Beautiful card! Good job rationalizing. I need to see what you come up with - I have one of those little tins. It's not empty yet, though. I won it at a shoebox swap that I went to. I also have these larger round, tins with removeable tops & mesh sides. They can hold a picture or stmaped item in the lid and they are magnetized. I'm trying to think of what they could be used for? You could put them on the fridge to store twisties or plastic bread closures...or you could keep your Boxtops for Education in there before you send them to your school for their collection...or?? Do you have any ideas? They are 3" diameter and about 1 3/4 inches high. Made of brushed silver colored metal.